Is Justin Glaze being fake? 'The Bachelorette' fans say he's pretending to cry over heartbreak

Although fans called him out on his 'fake' emotions, they couldn't seem to get enough of his hilarious expressions

                            Is Justin Glaze being fake? 'The Bachelorette' fans say he's pretending to cry over heartbreak
Justin Glaze as seen on 'The Bachelorette' (ABC)

For Katie Thurston, the time has finally come. After weeks of waiting to find Mr Right, it looks like she has finally found the one.

Last week, fans saw Greg Grippo leave the competition after Katie failed to reciprocate his feelings. Although she maintained that this was because she didn't want to say 'I love you' until the end, Greg felt that he was not getting what he deserved. With Justin Glaze and Blake Moynes now left in the running, it was down to the wire. 


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With the fantasy suite segment finally, here, Katie has the chance to go on dates with the final two, where it could end up with them spending the night in the fantasy suite. Katie's date with Blake resulted in a much-awaited confession, seeing that Blake told her that he was in love with her and ready to spend his life with her. Katie felt the same way and broke her own rule, telling Blake that she loved him too. The two ended up sleeping together, and Katie was convinced that he was the one. But unfortunately, this left Justin high and dry.

When it came to his fantasy suite date, Katie broke the news to him -- she had picked Blake. With not much left for him, Justin had no option but to leave. During the finale, Katie joined Justin in the studio, where the final addressed their breakup. Katie apologized for having broken his heart, but the two reconciled nonetheless. Fans, however, weren't too convinced about Justin's 'heartbreak'.

"When you wasted your time for weeks but now you can say you were in the bachelorette top 2 and get brand deals #TheBachelorette" tweeted a fan. "Justin's pretending to give a shit #TheBacheloretteFinale," added another. "ngl this isn't a final two breakup level of emtotion… this feels like a final six #thebachelorette #TheBacheloretteFinale" joked a fan. 

"Justin forcing himself to cry is sending me #TheBacheloretteFinale" agreed another. "This is why Justin's parents were not entertaining this bs  #TheBacheloretteFinale" added a user.










Although fans didn't quite buy in Justin's tears, there is a reason he is still a favourite among fans. It's no secret that Justin's expressions are a gift that keeps on giving. Over the series, he's known to have had some absolutely hilarious reactions that are sure to leave you in splits. It looks like 'The Bachelorette' crew was well in on the jokes, seeing that fans couldn't stop talking about his expressions. And it turns out, they delivered, with a hilarious montage to boot. 

"Justin facial expressions getting the recognition they deserve! #TheBachelorette #TheBacheloretteFinale #BacheloretteABC #bachelorette" tweeted a fan. "that's it. end the show. the montage of justin's faces is what my heart needed. #TheBacheloretteFinale #TheBachelorette" joked another. "The Justin Face Montague is the best thing I've seen this episode I love it #TheBacheloretteFinale" added a user.