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Blackpink celebrates 6th anniversary with pre-release single 'Pink Venom', Rose thanks fans for 'being family'

Blackpink members share heartfelt messages on the occasion of their 6th anniversary and explaining the meaning of 'Pink Venom', their pre-release single
Blackpink members celebrate their sixth debut anniversary as YG Entertainment announces the release of their new single, 'Pink Venom' (@lalalalisa_m, @blackpinkofficial/Instagram)
Blackpink members celebrate their sixth debut anniversary as YG Entertainment announces the release of their new single, 'Pink Venom' (@lalalalisa_m, @blackpinkofficial/Instagram)

SEOUL: Blackpink made its debut in 2016 and soon became one of the biggest girl groups around the world but now, as the girl group celebrates its sixth debut anniversary, they have vowed Blinks (fans of Blackpink) to return with more in the future. With the increase of K-pop's popularity in the west as well as Blackpink's lack of activities over the last two years, it was assumed that the group would have lost its touch after being inactive for a while but it seems like the girls are still just as popular as they were years ago.

August 8 marks the debut anniversary of Blackpink and the girl group now celebrates six years in the K-pop industry as well as in each other's company. Blackpink members celebrated their sixth debut anniversary by posting photos and throwbacks of the members together as they reminisced their years together. Not only that, but this year will also mark the release of Blackpink's highly anticipated comeback album which will be released in September. In order to tease the album, Blackpink announced their pre-release single, 'Pink Venom' which will be released on August 19 ahead of Blackpink's official comeback.


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Blackpink announce their pre-release single, 'Pink Venom'

The upcoming album from Blackpink goes with the tagline, 'Born Pink' while the girl group is all set to release a new song for the first time in two years since the release of their first regular album, 'The Album' in 2020. YG Entertainment teased the new Blackpink single that will be released before the rest of the album by revealing that 'Pink Venom' is a word that combines the color Pink with the word Venom, which symbolizes Blackpink and the girl group's unique charisma of being "enticing but dangerous" as they are all beautiful but not easily accessible.

Announcing the new single, YG Entertainment stated, "Today, the anniversary of Blackpink's debut and we are happy to announce the release schedule of the pre-release single, 'Pink Venom' that will open the girl group's 2022 ‘BORN PINK’ project. Following the new single, Blackpink will release its second regular album in September before setting out to host a world tour in October this year. The upcoming album from Blackpink will have not one but two high-end music videos that will be produced with the biggest production value to justify Blackpink's lack of music in the last two years.


Blackpink members share sixth-anniversary messages on Instagram

Now as the members of Blackpink celebrate their sixth debut anniversary, each of the four members of the girl group took to Instagram to share their love for the other members as well as fans of the girl group. Lisa posted a black and white photo of the four members together with the caption, "Can't live without these girls. Happy sixth year anniversary, Blackpink. This year will be another big year for us. Love you."


Following Lisa, Rose released a colored version of the same photo on her Instagram story while she made a post with a throwback photo of the girl group with the caption, "Our beloved BLACKPINK members!! Congratulations on our 6th anniversary. We debuted together after a long period of practice, and I think we shared so many memories and learned a lot while promoting together for 6 years. Thank you so much for being my members and family."


She continued, "I am always lacking, but please take care of me in the future. I love you, BLACKPINK!!!" Rose then thanked fans saying, "I am infinitely grateful to Blinks, who are always by our side to support and be by our side ㅠㅠ. I am so grateful for each and every precious memory that BLACKPINK + BLINK have built up over the past 6 years, so I think it is the 6th anniversary where more memories are expected in the future. Thanks, Blinks. Happy 6th anniversary!!"


On the other hand, members Jisoo and Jennie decided to take fans on a trip down memory lane as they both made carousel posts of the Blackpink members over the years where Jisoo said, "Happy 6th anniversary, my beloved. BLACKPINK Forever." On the other hand, Jennie captioned her post with, "It's our birthday todayyyyy. Happy 6th year anniversary to Blackpink & Blinks. More good news coming for everyone! #220808."

Meanwhile, Blackpink will make a comeback with the pre-release single, 'Pink Venom' on August 19 at 1 pm KST (12 am ET) after a hiatus of 1 year and 10 months.