Fans worried after video of Bobby Shmurda losing his cool with troll goes viral

A video soon started doing rounds on the Internet where the ‘Hot Ni**a’ hitmaker can be seen losing his cool with a troll

                            Fans worried after video of Bobby Shmurda losing his cool with troll goes viral
Bobby Shmurda (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)

Bobby Shmurda has made several public appearances since his release from jail in February. Continuing the ritual, the Florida native landed at the ongoing Made in America music festival in Philadelphia only to have a gala time with his clan. However, things soon turned sour after he nearly got into an altercation with a fan present in the audience.

TMZ reported that an individual hurled an object at the 27-year-old rapper which did not go down well with him. A video from Saturday night soon started doing rounds on the Internet where the ‘Hot Ni**a’ hitmaker can be seen losing his cool as his team tries his best to sort out the situation. Bobby, who is scheduled to perform at the festival on Sunday, September 5, had just stopped by the event to enjoy other performances. The latest incident comes after the rapper dropped his brand new single ‘No Time For Sleep’ which also marks his first official solo release since February.
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Who did Bobby Shmurda fight with?

According to TMZ, Bobby Shmurda ran into a little trouble after a guy tried to provoke the rapper. The hip-hop artist nearly got into a brawl with the unidentified individual before his team dragged him away from the scene. An eyewitness spilled the beans to the publication that someone from the audience threw a water bottle at Bobby during Megan Thee Stallion's performance. Bobby then soon lost his cool before the security intervened in the matter. The rapper tried to jump over a barricade with an intention to get to the troll but failed to do so after one of his teammates pulled him away. The rapper is yet to comment on the situation. MEAWW will keep you posted.
For the unversed, Bobby has to follow very strict rules after his release from jail. Any trouble can send him behind the bars again. Bobby was released from New York’s Clinton Correctional Facility in February, after serving six years of his seven-year sentence. He was arrested in 2014 for crimes including murder, attempted murder, assault and drug dealing. The rapper’s release from jail came with really strict conditions i.e. he cannot consume alcohol or drugs. He has to be back home by 8 pm and must submit to drug testing and receive aggression and anger counseling and seek, obtain and maintain employment.








‘Bobby don’t let them people get to you bro’

After Bobby’s video broke the Internet, a few social media users expressed their views on him nearly getting into a fight. One user said, “There are people in this world who hate themselves so much, that the only way they won't self-destruct is to hate others.” Whereas, another person tweeted, “Bobby don’t let them people get to you bro.”
One added, “He just got out let him live” followed by an emoji of a laughing face. Meanwhile, another individual shared, “Jfc people are hateful as f**k.” One warned the rapper and said, “Stay out of trouble, Bobby.” While another used sarcasm to conclude, “These guys never learn.”














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