'It’s horrifying': Celebs outraged after Bill Cosby is released from prison

'I stand with all of Bill Cosby’s accusers on this dark day,' tweeted actress Rose McGowan after the overturning of Cosby's conviction

                            'It’s horrifying': Celebs outraged after Bill Cosby is released from prison
Bill Cosby speaks to reporters outside of his home on June 30, 2021, after release from prison (Photo by Michael Abbott/Getty Images)

Bill Cosby walked free from prison after the shocking overturning of his sexual assault charges by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. He was previously convicted on three felony counts of aggravated indecent assault on Andrea Constand and sentenced to ten years in state prison. Cosby had served only three years of his 10-year-sentence at the time of his release. The disgraced comedian was released on the grounds of a "non-prosecution agreement" with a former prosecutor, that should have protected him from facing trial.  

While returning home from prison, Cosby flashed a peace sign to the crowd as he tweeted afterward, "I have never changed my stance nor my story. I have always maintained my innocence." However, the ruling was vehemently criticized by prominent celebrities like Debra Messing, Donald Trump Jr, Ellen Barkin, Padma Lakshmi, Rose McGowan, and many others. Expressing their solidarity for Cosby's victims, celebs expressed their outrage about the verdict on Twitter. 


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Is Bill Cosby innocent? 

Over 60 women had accused Cosby of different grades of sexual harassment - from rape, sexual assault after drugging, sexual battery, to other sexual misconduct. He was even accused of sexually abusing two minor girls of 15 years of age. While he had been slapped with several civil lawsuits from his alleged victims, most of the accusations fell outside the statute of limitations for criminal legal proceedings. 

However, in the civil lawsuit filed by Andrea Constand, Cosby admitted to sexual encounters after supplying young women with Quaaludes. He faced three felony charges of aggravated indecent assault in the case and was convicted later. But, now it appears that a legal loophole had prompted his release, despite the multitude of accusations against him.

The Hollywood icon who was once known as 'America's Dad', was criticized by various celebrity icons after his release. Actress Debra Messing tweeted, "To every woman who was sexual assaulted by #BillCosby my heart hurts for you today and I am full fury. It’s horrifying."

Celebrity chef Padma Lakshmi tweeted, "Cosby drugged and raped 60 women. Do they not deserve “fairness” and justice? This is why people don’t come forward. This is why urging people to “press charges” falls short, as long as wealthy & powerful men can rape & sexually assault people for decades with impunity #MeToo."

"Bill Cosby walks free after raping scores of women. Allison Mack gets 3 years, 3 f**king years, for destroying the lives of countless women. ( 25 wouldn’t have been enough) Ask again if it’s getting better. Ask again if things have changed," tweeted actress Ellen Barkin. 

Actress Rose McGowan wrote, "I stand with all of Bill Cosby’s accusers on this dark day."

"Cosby Spokesman: This is justice for Black America! Wow, ok, Um… Seems like a real stretch, I wonder how many of his black victims feel? I wonder if they think this is “Justice For Black America?” I have a feeling they strongly disagree. #COSBY #BillCosby," tweeted Donald Trump Jr. 

"Bill Cosby had admitted to slipping ludes to women for the purpose of incapacitating them for non-consensual sex— precisely what scores of woman had accused him of. And even that, wasn’t enough to keep a serial rapist behind bars," TV writer Bryan Behar tweeted. 

Actress Amber Tamblyn shared, "I am furious to hear this news. I personally know women who this man drugged and raped while unconscious. Shame on the court and this decision. #TimesUp #MeToo."