Bill Cosby: Why is Internet supporting 'feeble' sexual predator? Here's why his smiling mugshot went viral

The 83-year-old actor was convicted for raping a woman in 2004, and he was incidentally seen smiling in the picture shot on September 4, 2020, which garnered a lot of sympathy

                            Bill Cosby: Why is Internet supporting 'feeble' sexual predator? Here's why his smiling mugshot went viral
Bill Cosby (Pennsylvania Department of Corrections/SCI Phoenix)

Bill Cosby's latest mugshot is now trending on Twitter, as the 83-year-old actor and convicted sex offender was seen smiling in the picture that was shot on September 4, 2020. The photo was released on Tuesday, October 20. 

Cosby has been imprisoned at the State Correction Institution in Phoenix, Pennsylvania, since September 2018, after a jury panel found him guilty for sexually assaulting a woman, back in 2004 and for drugging her.

According to a TMZ report, officials at the prison said that the new mugshots are taken of prisoners as their appearances change over time. In the latest photo, Cosby can be seen looking down and slightly smiling. He's wearing a maroon shirt and a mask around his neck because of Covid-19.

As soon as the picture was released, it divided social media, with some sympathizing with the aging comedian and actor while others remained firm in their belief that justice for his victims was served. One Internet user shared his picture and wrote, "This is #BillCosby yes he's old... Yes he looks feeble and disheveled... This is also a rapist. Do not feel sorry for this man." While another wrote, "I used to love Bill Cosby. I loved him as a spy, loved him as a doctor, loved him as a stand up. Now I don't love him anymore and I don't want to see him free. He committed awful crimes. He needs to be accountable for that."



One angry user said, "Oh Bill Cosby is sad in his new mugshot who gives a flying f**k? You know who else is sad? The people he raped. I hope he cries himself to sleep every night feeling like the world hates him. You know. Like the people he raped."


Some sympathized and wrote, "Free Bill Cosby. You deserve better. I believe in your innocence. May justice finally be the way it should be, equal. Your one of the greatest comics and a hero for us." Another shared his picture and made a comparison and wrote, "Free Bill Cosby!!!!! If donald trump is not in prison why is Bill?'



And some who thought that injustice was been served wrote, "I felt some type of way at some point in history bout the way u treated black ppl Mr Cosby; initially felt like u deserved what u got, but I've had a change of heart. U do not deserve the injustice u were handed, regardless of past transgressions against ur community. Free Bill." Demanding a proof, another one tweeted, "Where’s the proof then I change my mind...TILL THEN FREE BILL COSBY."



Soon, the official Twitter account of Bill Cosby posted a full picture and revealed, "This photo was taken by his publicist, Andrew Wyatt, during his first virtual video conference call with Mr. Cosby last week. We are posting this to reassure his family and supporters that he is doing ok during this pandemic."


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