LET'S TALK ABOUT SEX, BILL? Dr Ruth taps blushing Bill Clinton's cheek at US Open in viral image

LET'S TALK ABOUT SEX, BILL? Dr Ruth taps blushing Bill Clinton's cheek at US Open in viral image
Dr Ruth taps Bill Clinton on the cheek as they sat together at the US Open (Photo via Twitter)

Bill Clinton was seen getting "red in the face" as he chatted with sex therapist Dr Ruth at the US Open match between Serena Williams and Danka Kovinik on Sunday. The pair was spotted deeply engaged in conversation, with Dr Ruth, 94, at one point lightly tapping the former president on the cheek. 

Clinton was seen leaning in eagerly as the famous German-American sex therapist and talk show host seemed to give the former president some advice. Soon after, Clinton's face appeared to be turning red. Later, the pair joined other celebrities present at the game including Mike Tyson, Anna Wintour, and Oprah Winfrey. 


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Dr. Ruth taps Bill Clinton on the cheek. (Photo via Twitter)
Dr. Ruth taps Bill Clinton on the cheek. (Photo via Twitter)

ESPN commentators caught sight of the rather unusual duo and so did John McEnroe and Chrissie Evert. "Who knows what they are talking about," McEnroe laughed. "They're really involved in some sort of… She's giving him advice. She just gave him advice. Yep, 'you shouldn't be doing that'. Why is his face getting redder?"

A lot of comedic responses came about on social media after the news and images circulated. "Not sure Bill needs advice from Dr Ruth, except maybe how to control himself...," one user wrote. 


"Bill Clinton, Dr Ruth and Jeffery Epstein talkin smack about Hillary!" another wrote. 


"This had to be the horniest conversation of all time. Only Dr Ruth could say something that made Bill Clinton blush," a user wrote after sharing the video. 


Meanwhile, Serena Williams dominated her first round against Danka Kovinic at New York's Arthur Ashe Stadium. Apart from Clinton and Dr Ruth, other notable attendees were Vera Wang, Mike Tyson, Hugh Jackman, and Anna Wintour. Serena opened her final US Open with a straightforward victory over Danka Kovinic. In Flushing, where she's won six singles championships and two doubles championships in front of New York celebrities — many of whom were spotted sitting together on Monday night —Williams could not have chosen a finer place for her swan song.

Martina Navratilova, a retired tennis great, and her well-behaved lap dog were there with Tyson. One of the greatest stars of the evening, Serena's millionaire husband Alexis Ohanian, was spotted with the couple's four-year-old daughter Olympia.

"The crowd was crazy. They really helped pull me through. I was really pumped up, like, 'Yes, I got this.' I just want people to think how hard one tries," Williams told CBS' Gayle King. "It's so important to give your all no matter what you do, how many obstacles you face. I've been down so much so many times, in the public eye, and I've had to come back... but never give up. It sounds cliched, but no matter what you're going through, I just want people to be inspired by my story. I'm from Compton, California, and I made it," Williams said during her post-match ceremony.

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