Korean media drag BIGBANG's G-Dragon into BTS' V and Blackpink Jennie's dating scandal

Korean media drag BIGBANG's G-Dragon into BTS' V and Blackpink Jennie's dating scandal
Fans joke how the dating rumor surrounding BTS' V (R) and Blackpink's Jennie (C) is turning into a fanfiction story featuring BIGBANG's G-Dragon (L) too (Pascal Le Segretain, Stephane Cardinale, Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Korean K-pop fans are adamant about keeping themselves updated about the private lives of idols. But with the K-pop genre going global, it seems like international fans of the genre are trying to extend the modicum of privacy that international celebrities have in terms of their personal preferences and their dating lives to South Korean idols as well. Back in April 2022, when BTS members attended the Grammy Awards, a photo of V (Kim Taehyung) smoking a cigarette was doing the rounds on the Internet.

If such an image would have circulated a few years ago, the BTS member would have been scrutinized by Korean fans but international fans banded together to support V this time and called the OP (Original Poster) out for taking a picture of the BTS member without his consent and demanded that the singer be left alone when it came to his personal life and choices. But it seems like this mature intention has not been embraced by Knetz (Korean netizens) and the Korean media. BTS' V was recently embroiled in another controversy that alleged that he was spotted on a date with Blackpink’s Jennie.


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Knetz make new scenarios about dating rumor

An image of an alleged BTS V driving in a car with what appeared to be Blackpink's Jennie in the passenger seat was going around on Twitter earlier this week and fans immediately called out OP claiming that the photo was edited. Both idols' labels kept silent about the rumor which is why the issue now seems to be getting out of hand. Now, BIGBANG's leader G-Dragon has been dragged into the issue as well with Knetz claiming that GD was trying to make a jab at BTS member V for dating his ex-girlfriend Jennie. There has been no confirmation about G-Dragon dating Jennie either but the duo were rumoredly dating back in 2020.

As soon as the edited photo of V was spotted with Jennie in Jeju Island, Knetz started dragging the BIGBANG member into the mix, trying to find 'hints' in his Instagram behavior. Everything, from who G-Dragon was following to his profile picture, was scrutinized in the hope that the BIGBANG member was locked in an angsty love triangle with V and Jennie. It seems like the connection was finally made when GD posted a photo of blooming daisies on his public Instagram account on May 27.


Knetz allege that G-Dragon is trying to take a jab at BTS V by posting "blooming" flowers after V posted "withered" daisies on his Instagram account on May 2. Moreover, it was being claimed that Blackpink's Jennie is trying to "confirm" her relationship with the BTS member by posting a black-and-white magazine cover on her Instagram story, similar to V's most recent post, from a day ago.


'What is this Wattpad story?'

With no hard evidence to back their claims, fans think that Knetz and the Korean media are losing their minds at this point. Fans believe this story is so far-reaching that it is starting to look like a "Wattpad novel," aka a fanfiction story written by fans about real-life celebs or fictional characters from TV and films for entertainment. One fan asked, "I'm sorry but what in fanfiction is this." One fan stated, "Media dug up an old as* photo tae posted to cause drama. There’s nothing going on they’re just reaching." One fan said, "I can’t exactly blame GD in this specific situation that much. You’re allowed to be a bit salty after a breakup." We don't even know for sure if she dated GD or if she's now dating Taehyung to make assumptions that they're bring salty. As you said, people take b&w photos all the time."

Another fan joked, "If i were gd i'd be upset too, tae and jennie hot as hell together." One fan asked, "What is this Wattpad like story?" One fan said, "Gosh!! Leave thv alone." One more fan stated, 'I cringed really hard... Leave my girlllll." One fan said, "These people are so crazy, to begin with why would the user thv care about GD, he is preparing to return on June 10 and to go to the White House, anyways FREE all those "involved" in this scandal, it's been days, turn the page."













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