'Big Brother': A look at the show's couples who are still together

'Big Brother': A look at the show's couples who are still together
Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder (Instagram/@jeffschroeder23) and Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson (Instagram/ @codythemarine)

For the contestants who make it on to 'Big Brother', the ultimate goal is to walk away with the massive cash prize of $500,000. But for some, they get a little more than they bargained for.

Post season 22, romance blossomed between Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott. Now, as new contestants get ready to brave the 'Big Brother' home, the possibilities for love are endless, and some previous contestants can vouch for that. Here's a look at the romances that blossomed in the 'Big Brother' house and have continued to thrive in the real world.


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Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder from seasons 11 and 13

Relationship Status: Married 
Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder are a fan favourite couple; Llyod won season 11 and Schroeder won the title of 'America's Favorite Houseguest' on seasons 11 and 13, the only contestant to have won the title on two different seasons. The pair got engaged in September 2014 when Schroeder proposed to Llyod in the 'Big Brother' backyard. They were visiting the season 16 houseguests at the time. Although they planned to tie the knot on October 1, 2016, they later revealed that they got married quietly in March 2016. 

The couple currently has two sons together, Lawson and Layton. "Being parents now and having a comfortable job, [we're] very blessed," said Schroeder, in an article by Heavy. "We're worrying more about being a parent and teaching our kids the right thing to do."

"It's a different stage in our life than 12 years ago," said Schroeder. "And I hope we only get better because there is no answer for being a good parent. You just gotta roll with the punches," he added.


Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly from seasons 12 and 13

Relationship Status: Married 
Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly hit it off instantly and were an item within the show's first week. It was clearly a love meant to last, seeing Villegas proposed to Reilley on Valentine's Day 2011 and the pair tied the knot on September 8, 2012. WE Network aired the wedding as a holiday wedding special. Reilly and Villegas have two children, a daughter, Adora Borealis and a son, Adler Mateo. However, labor was not easy the second time around, as Reilly told US Weekly. "At one point I was on oxygen and it lasted longer than my birth with Adora," she explained. "Almost 15 hours he did not want to come out of the womb. Brendon was really supportive and my rock the whole time. He encouraged my breathing and my labor positions and helped me when I didn't think I could keep going. He was an amazing partner and has been so helpful," she added. 


Daniele Donato and Dominic Briones from season 13

Relationship Status: Married 
Dominic Briones might not have won big on the show, but he definitely won in life, seeing that he ended up marrying Daniele Donato, the runner up on his season. Donato was previously dating Nick Starcevic who was also on their season.

After they broke up, she ended up finding love with Briones and the pair got married on January 19, 2013. They have one daughter together, Tennessee Autumn. In a conversation with People, Donato revealed that she didn't think too highly of her husband at first. "Truth be told, I really didn't like him at first," she says with a laugh. "I thought he was a little troublemaker. But we became friends, and although I didn't like him like that, it just grew," she added. 

However, post the show, Briones proved he was the man for her. "I took Dani on a road trip last August and we stopped at the St Louis Zoo," he says. "We both love penguins, because they mate for life, so I set up a behind-the-scenes tour without her knowing. One of the zoo workers brought out two little penguins. As we were playing with them, I turned and popped the question right there. She loved it!" he explained.

Victor Arroyo and Nicole Franzel from season 18

Relationship Status: Married
It wasn't love for Victor Arroyo and Nicole Franzel at first sight, seeing that Franzel was with fellow houseguest Hayden Voss. However, in 2017, she began dating Arroyo and there has been no looking back since. The pair got engaged on September 8, 2018, during a 'Big Brother' season 20 special episode. Franzel and Arroyo were married on March 16, 2021. The couple, who are expecting their first child in July, took to Instagram to explain the meaning behind their son's name. 

"Our baby's real name is Victor Arroyo IV his nickname is Arrow. Victor is Victor Arroyo III for those of you who didn't know! No middle name.
The reason I insisted on a "nickname" is bc I don't want people to call him baby Vic/little Vic his whole life. I know people who are 60 years old and they're still "little Johnny" & they don't like it Another thing—my closest people call me Coco & I love it. It stuck and I've had it since I was a a baby so that's what I'm hoping Arrow feels too! It's fun having a name that people who really know you refer to you as. If he grows up and wants to be called Victor we will do that too. It's all up to him once he understands! I think Arrow is a bad ask name and I'm so pumped! Thank you to the Coco Caliente Listener on our podcast facebook page who accidentally typed Arrow instead of Arroyo— you are the reason we found this name!!" Franzel explained in a post.


Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson from season 19

Relationship Status: Married 
Graf and Nickson began dating on their season and their relationship continued post the show as well. Multiple 'Big Brother' couples have gone on to compete in 'The Amazing Race', but Graf and Nickson are the only ones who have won, seeing that they are the winners of season 30. The couple were engaged on February 13, 2018, and married on October 13, 2018. The pair have two daughters, Maverick and Carter, while Nickson has another daughter, Paisley, from a previous relationship.

Around the time Graf was pregnant with Carter, Nickson took to Instagram to express his love for his wife. "I want to share my appreciation for my wife. She is halfway through pregnancy and is doing amazing with it. We are adding a cement slab to the back of our house and new patio furniture... when I say we, I mean she is. I am inherently extremely minimalistic and all around a cheapskate. I contribute to the functionality of our home and I even grunt and the thought of replacing something that is a necessity. Jessica however has great pride and incredible attention to detail in everything she does including the house. She is the reason our house isn't a few cardboard boxes as a tv stand and blow up mattresses. My wife had made our house a home and I love and appreciate her so much for it. Thank you and I love you, babe. (She's waiting on me to bring her Chipotle so she's probably a little hangry... but I'm buying some flowers right now so hang in there!)".


Christopher Jordan 'Swaggy C' Williams and Bayleigh Dayton from season 20

Relationship Status: Married 
The couple has since been relatively private about their relationship, seeing that they secretly married on Williams' birthday on February 17, 2019. They only announced it a year later, on New Year's Day 2020 and started wearing their wedding rings. Dayton did take to Instagram to post images of their engagement, and it was nothing short of stunning.

"My love for you is unconditional. This year was a tough one, at first I genuinely didn't understand why we were under so much persecution but I've quickly realized that saying your a ride or die and actually being one are two separate things.Babe, without any doubts I know that you will ride for me, just like I will ride for you, because you have been! Relationships mean nothing until they stand the tests and trials that try to break them down. & Now that we've been through just about every hard thing, I know our love was built to last! Now let's move forward on to bigger, better and brighter things. I love you Mr. Williams," she wrote, alongside a photo of the two of them. 


Angela Rummans and Tyler Crispen from season 20

Relationship Status: Engaged
Angela Rummans and Tyler Crispen began their showmance on their season and it ended up being the real deal. Crispen proposed to Rummans on January 31, 2021. The couple got engaged in January this year and Rummans took to Instagram to talk about how it was a perfect surprise.

"YES to forever and ever and always. You and me babe, for the rest of time. 1.10.2021 "If it's meant to be, it'll be". Thank you for giving me the best and most perfect day of my life. I love you more than I can say in words, and I cannot wait for the next chapter of our lives. For now, let's savor this time and soak in all of the excitement our future holds," she wrote, accompanied by a photo of the pair.


Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott from 'Big Brother: All-Stars'

Relationship Status: Engaged 
For Garrett and Abbott, love came after the show. In 2018, Abbott was expecting her child with her then-boyfriend Benjamin Bunn. The pair broke up in June 2018, making Abbott a single mother to Loyal Atticus Abbott. She later began dating Garrett. Garrett and Abbott are the newest couple to join the 'Big Brother' couple's club, seeing that they were recently engaged in July. In a conversation with E News, Abbott expressed her joy. "I was 100 percent surprised! He's so great at making me feel like I'm the most special person in the world every day, and this day was the most of all," she said.

 "I had no idea it was going to happen then. I know, a beautiful island, sunset at a beautiful resort…who wouldn't have guessed? I didn't'! That's because that's the kind of thing he does regularly to show me how special he believes I am," she added.


'Big Brother' season 23 premieres on July 7 at 8/7c on CBS. The summer reality hit series will drop three episodes every week. Beginning July 11, the show will air on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at the same time. For more information, check your local listings.

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