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'Big Brother': Top 6 most controversial moments on the show

Drama makes for great reality TV, but these housemates pushed it too far
 GinaMarie Zimmerman and Aaryn Gries on season 15 of 'Big Brother' (YouTube/Big Brother)
GinaMarie Zimmerman and Aaryn Gries on season 15 of 'Big Brother' (YouTube/Big Brother)

Being stuck in the 'Big Brother' house with $500,000 on the line often means that tension runs high between the housemates, bringing out the worst in them. And the cameras are there to catch it.

In season 22, fans called out Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott for their racist behaviour on the show, and even stated that they were 'sick of straight White alliances'. Seeing that no season is without its controversies, here is a look at some of the most shocking ones to date. 


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Justin Sebik and the knife incident [Season 2]

Sebik was the first contestant to be expelled from the show, after he held a knife to housemate Krista Stegall's neck. During his run, he often defaced the property and was known to have verbally abused other contestants. Sebik pushed it too far when he was making out with Krista Stegall in the kitchen. During their passionate moment, Sebik pretended to bash her head with a shovel. He then discarded it and took a knife which he held to her throat. He pretended to slit her throat as they made out, with the knife held in place. This incident led to his expulsion

Willie Hantz's violent behaviour [Season 14]

Joining Sebik in the 'Big Brother' expulsion list is William 'Willie' Hantz, whose violent behaviour got him kicked out. Hantz attacked fellow houseguest Joe Arvin by headbutting him because he was under the impression that he was getting evicted. This violent outburst led to him being removed from the show for good. To make matters worse, TMZ reported that he was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving just days later.

Aaryn Gries and GinaMarie Zimmerman's racism [Season 15]

The show truly brought out the worst in Aaryn Gries and GinaMarie Zimmerman. Both were caught on camera making racist and derogatory comments. Gries told houseguest Kaitlin Barnaby that Asian American contestant Helen Kim should "go make some rice". She was also heard saying "I look, probably, like a squinty Asian right now". Gries also made homophobic comments, while Zimmerman used the N-word and made racially insensitive comments.


Christine Varner's promiscuous behaviour [Season 16]

Showmances are a big part of the show, but Christine Brecht might have taken it too far when she was seen cosying up with Cody Calafiore. The issue is that she was married at the time. Her husband Timothy Brecht made it known that he was not okay with her behaviour and got divorced a year later.


John Kirkwood 'Jack' Matthews' threats [Season 21]

On season 22, fans were gunning for Matthews, after he made multiple racist and offensive comments directed to houseguest Kemi Fakunle, including threatening to "stomp a mudhole through [her] chest.' Post his eviction, Julie Chen confronted him about his behaviour. "In recap, you called her bitch, you called her dog poop — you didn't use the word 'poop' — and we just heard you say you wanted to stomp a mudhole through her chest," Chen asked. "Watching that now, what are your thoughts?"

"Okay, well, I will say that the 'stomp the mudhole comment' was based on something that Sam [Bledsoe] said last season when she was frustrated, and I don't think there was any personal vendetta behind saying that," Matthews answered. "I think my statements were playful in a group of people. I do apologize for what I said, and that's very sincere. I think Kemi was, and is, a great person. I think this game and being in 24-hour view of people and you say things and… um, I wouldn't say I fully support the things that I said and the way that I said them. If I could take them back, I would, and I wish I could have articulated them in some other way possible. But it doesn't take away the fact that I don't think that Kemi is a wonderful person inside and outside of this house, absolutely." he added. But the damage was already done.


Memphis Garett mocking Ian Terry [Season 22]

Season 22, which was dubbed the show's all star's season, saw past contestants turn into the worst versions of themselves, namely Memphis Garrett, Nicole Franzel, and Dani Briones. Garett was seen mocking Ian Terry, who has autism, and made jokes at his expense, while Briones and Franzel laughed, encouraging his behaviour. 


'Big Brother' Season 23 premieres on July 7 at 8/7c on CBS. The summer reality hit series will drop three episodes every week. Beginning July 11, the show will air on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at the same time. For more information, check your local listings.