'Big Brother': Memphis Garrett branded 'racist', fans ask why was he obsessed with eliminating David Alexander?

Fans are calling out Memphis for putting David on the block and are blaming him for the eviction of every person of color

                            'Big Brother': Memphis Garrett branded 'racist', fans ask why was he obsessed with eliminating David Alexander?
Memphis Garrett, David Alexander (CBS)

David Alexander's time in the 'Big Brother' house came to an end on Thursday's episode. It was a triple eviction night and he was the second contestant to be eliminated after Kevin 'KC' Campbell. It felt almost as if David knew that he would be going home and with Memphis Garrett as the head of the household it was more obvious.

Viewers of the show have pointed out how Memphis has continually targetted David since day one and slammed him as "trash" for going after him this dedicatedly. Some even blamed Memphis for "getting rid" of all the people of color from the show. David, when chatting with host Julie Chen, seemed upset about coming this close to the final destination and losing out on his spot in the house. But he was happy that he put up a fight and stuck around longer than people thought he would.

"It would be so perfect to see Memphis suffer in the #JuryHouse with Da’Vonne, David, Ian, and Kevin. Since he loves being racist and mocking people with disabilities. Jackass," a fan tweeted, while another shared: "Not really interested in watching #BigBrother22 anymore. All the minorities are gone. Memphis made sure he got rid of all the color."



"Is anybody going to even ask Memphis what his fascination was with getting the weakest player in #BigBrother history out of the house since week 2 was? It's probably pretty clear to everybody but David. SMH!" a user commented. "Memphis ANNOYS mi spirit so much! Idk what his issue is with David. He's been gunning for him since day one! I'm glad David was smart enough to know the house was against him majority of the time and took that 10K. At least he's not leaving empty handed this time," another expressed.



"There have been some vile, garbage, absolute trash people on #BigBrother through the years. a lot of people to hate. a lot of racists & sexists & homophobes & bullies. and somehow i hate memphis more than i've ever hated another player. his obsession with david is f****d up," a viewer pointed out.


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