'Big Brother' Season 22: Memphis Garrett wins HOH contest, fans say they're 'sick of straight White alliances'

Many fans said they were tired of all White people alliances on the show and wished that a White male wouldn’t win this time around

                            'Big Brother' Season 22: Memphis Garrett wins HOH contest, fans say they're 'sick of straight White alliances'
Memphis Garrett (CBS)

Cody Calafiore ruled the house in the first week of 'Big Brother' Season 22. But his reign came to an end in the elimination episode, in which he had to step down to give way for the new head of household (HOH).

But this is the Big Brother house and nothing comes easy here. It's not going to be a simple voting exercise to determine who would take up the mantle. The showrunners created a fun video recall game, in which 12 contestants participated. All they had to do was watch videos and answer Julie Chen Moonves' questions about them, and whether or not they were true.

Memphis Garrett was the last man standing as he was able to guess all the answers correctly. Even though the house got their new leader, fans fear this might be the start of an alliance that would prefer only White people. One of the fans even referenced Jackson Michie, Season 21 winner, and how he was "exposed" for being a racist. His behavior on the show was considered racist and misogynistic. 

Will Memphis be the opposite of what fans are predicting him to be? Only time will tell. "It’s a shame God doesn’t care about the game of #BigBrother because I prayed a white male wouldn’t win and that prayer was indeed not answered. #bb22 #BB22allstars," a fan commented.


"Im just so sick of the straight white men making an all straight white alliance and that main 6 person alliance called wonder bread is going to pick people off one by one, as usual.. #BB22 #BB22allstars #bigbrother," another wrote.


"Another wonder bread white alliance running the house and picking off anyone of color, lgbtq, etc. As usual... why am I even slightly surprised. #BigBrother #BigBrother22 #BB22," a user tweeted.


"LAST YEAR, producers totally CHEATED 4Jackson Michie. No need to pull receipts. BLOGS exposed him 4 his RACIST BIGOTRY. Point is BLACKS never get a fair chance TO WIN cuz it's MAJORITY white houseguests WHEN WILL THIS CHANGE #BB22allstars #BB22 #BigBrother #BigBrotherAllStars," a viewer expressed.


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