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'Big Brother': Christmas slammed as 'racist' and the show as 'bigoted' after fight with Da'Vonne over Bayleigh

Fans were left furious. They have taken to social media to express how Da'Vonne is being seen as the 'angry Black woman' while Christmas is labeled 'emotional'
Da'Vonne Rogers, Christmas Abbott, Bayleigh Dayton (CBS)
Da'Vonne Rogers, Christmas Abbott, Bayleigh Dayton (CBS)

This week, 'Big Brother' aired what could possibly be called 'the biggest fight of the season.' The Christmas Abbott and Da'Vonne Rogers showdown overshadowed the elimination speech, voting, and results. Da'Vonne and Bayleigh Dayton were on the block courtesy Christmas. And when confronted about her decision, Christmas said that she didn't know who else to nominate for eviction.

But that was not all that was bothering Da'Vonne. She didn't appreciate Christmas sharing Bayleigh's game plan and believed she used it to put her on the spot. "You exposed her," Da'Vonne told Christmas after she pointed out how hurt Bayleigh was when she learned that it was Christmas who went behind her back to reveal all of the personal information she had once shared with her in confidence. 

The matter could have been left at that but it escalated to a level where Da'Vonne began crying as she admitted that she hated the game and that everyone in the house was just waiting for her to get furious and explode. She even claimed Christmas provoked her to no end. Meanwhile, Bayleigh supported Da'Vonne, tried to calm her down while Christmas shared how surprised she was when Da'Vonne blamed her for exposing Bayleigh's "personal game." 

Fans were left furious. They have taken to social media to express how Da'Vonne is being seen as the "angry Black woman" while Christmas is labeled "emotional."

"#BigBrother has my blood BOILING right now. bunch of racist a** white people. all of you are complicit in what just happened. babying the f**k out of a white woman and telling the black women they need to calm down and that it’s okay. NO. f**k you they have EVERY RIGHT TO BE MAD," a viewer commented, while another shared: "Okay @CBSBigBrother we all know that these beautiful black women did NOTHING to warrant being put on the block other than foolishly trusting #Christmas. #CasualRacism is pervasive even on #BigBrother; in the monochromatically-privileged-mind of a #HOH."



"#Xmas is a b***h. She got heated for what? I will say it again... it is hard to be a black woman in the #BigBrother house. #BB22 #BBallstars I don’t know why black people go on this bigoted show," another pointed out. "This makes me SO UPSET! Why put two Black women against each other!? Here we go with the Big Brother bullshit! Dayvon is coming to come from Christmas hard! See ya Bailey," a user tweeted.

"I’m so sick of Christmas . Seriously , @CBSBigBrother, how come y’all put a racist felon piece trash like Christmas on TV? Not once but twice! Where does she get off talking to Bay & Day that way. She doesn’t talk that way to white people," a fan shared.




Bayleigh was eliminated this week. Nine housemates voted against her.

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