'Big Brother' Season 23 Spoilers: Will Whitney Williams be eliminated?

Whitney Williams and Hannah Chaddha are the nominees this week

                            'Big Brother' Season 23 Spoilers: Will Whitney Williams be eliminated?
Whitney Williams and Hannah Chaddha are up for elimination in 'Big Brother' Season 23 (CBS)

'Big Brother' Season 23 is picking up pace. In its fourth week, the CBS-backed reality show has intensified and the politics has reached a fever pitch. It's evident the housemates will stop at nothing. 

But before we dissect the game and how the strategies will play out in the coming days, here are a list of hit reality series you can binge on the side: 'Love Island', 'Too Hot To Handle', 'The Circle', and 'Temptation Island'.


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Coming back to the game. Christian Birkenberger is the newly appointed Head of Household (HOH) who also won the POV competition, which makes him extremely powerful. He can either choose to tweak the nominees' list or he can step back and let the contestants do their trick. Last week, Brent Champagne was voted out 11-0. 

According to a spoiler account, Birkenberger decided against using his power of POV. This means, either Whitney Williams or Hannah Chaddha will be eliminated. "Christian decided not to use the POV. Whitney will be evicted Thursday," the account posted


If this is anything to go by, we'd say Birkenberger made a smart move by playing it safe. He knew that if he'd pulled a move that silly, it would have cost him his alliances. However, Williams was heard saying she'd try and change his mind about the nominations. We'd love to see how that shapes up.

Assuming Williams is eliminated, the house will be left with Alyssa Lopez, Azah Awasum, Derek Frazier, Britini D'Angelo, Christie Valdiserri, Derek Xiao, Sarah Steagall, Kyland Young, Tiffany Mitchell, and Xavier Prather.


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