Ben Shapiro slammed for saying Will Smith's fine with 'other dudes having sex with his wife' but can't take a joke

Ben Shapiro slammed for saying Will Smith's fine with 'other dudes having sex with his wife' but can't take a joke
Ben Shapiro slammed Will Smith's violent actions at the Academy Awards (Twitter)

A week later, actor Will Smith’s slap gate at the Oscars is being used for political takes. Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro has replied to Will Smith's attack on Chris Rock during the Academy Awards. Following the Oscar Actor's outburst at the ceremony, the columnist equated the 'inexcusable' slap to the left's 'microaggression' in his one-hour-long podcast "The Ben Shapiro Show."

The commenter further attacked Smith's double standard, saying, "Smith is fine with other dudes and his wife having sex, but not with a joke." Liberals and Conservatives are competing to see who can come up with the worst political response to Will Smith's Oscars slap controversy. The horrifying occurrence has been used to explain the Ukrainian conflict, gender- and race-based double standards, Trump's grip on the US, and other issues. Ben urged that comedians are routinely attacked for making jokes that will soon be devoid of laughter. However, unless Americans are ready to restore the clear line between speech and violence, we will become a lot quieter and more dangerous country.


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“The moral standards of Hollywood are weird,” said Shapiro. “Will Smith is fine with other dudes and his wife having sex. He’s not fine with someone making a joke about his wife at the Oscars.

He further added, “They’ve been public figures for about as long as I’ve been alive. So that’s, that’s — it was a weird — now what was even weirder and I won’t say it’s weird ’cause it actually does say something about where we are in the country. A huge number of people on Twitter came out and were defending Will Smith.”

“After all it was a bad joke, it was a mean joke. ‘How dare he tell a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith, she has alopecia.’ ‘He shouldn’t tell that joke.’ Okay — you may not like the joke, you might think the joke is bad,” Shapiro said.
The conservative Americans came out in support of Ben and trolled Smith’s actions.  A user wrote, “If Will Smiths wife can take another man's d**k. She can take another man's joke.” Another one tweeted, “Shapiro is absolutely correct.” “I've always been a fan of Will Smith but after that unwarranted display, my level of respect for him went down a notch but it went up a notch for Chris Rock,” A Will Smith fan responded to Ben’s comment.




On, the other hand, some users also mocked the Conservative for his outmoded traditional values and ethics and rallied in favor of Will and Jada.
A user said, “Open relationships are a thing, Ben. There’s no reason to be mad about it. Cuz guess what, If your wife gets to none other dudes, you get to bone other chicks. Unless you have zero game which is prolly why you scared to allow freedom.” Another one wrote, “I don't see how a married couple having an open marriage somehow makes it okay for ppl to disrespect your wife's personal health issues. An open marriage doesn't make you any less of a person or make u a bad person lol.”



Ben Shapiro further slammed Will and compared his actions with the left, “We have a general rule in this country that when someone makes a joke you don’t like, you don’t get to smack them upside the head. I don’t find this particularly shocking, truth be told. So much of the left is willing to defend this kind of stuff. Because after all, the left has been willing to defend the idea that violence should be the response to quote on quote ‘microaggression’ for years and years and years.”

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