Ben Shapiro dragged for comparing Biden's time in office to Kurt Cobain's suicide

'Joe Biden is the Kurt Cobain of politics. He put a shotgun in the mouth of the American body politic and then pulled the trigger' said Ben Shapiro

                            Ben Shapiro dragged for comparing Biden's time in office to Kurt Cobain's suicide
Ben Shapiro was slammed for his tasteless comparison between Kurt Cobain's suicide and Biden's time as president (Photo by Jason Kempin and Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images)

Ben Shapiro, a conservative firebrand, had a rather surprising choice of words and made a 'tasteless' comparison to late Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain while putting forth his opinions on President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address. Shapiro said that 46th president's time in office was “the worst 14 months of any president of the United States ever”. This was then followed by an insensitive and thoughtless comparison to Cobain, the globally known singer who had died by suicide.

“Everything bad that has happened over the last 14 months is a completely self-inflicted wound. Joe Biden is the Kurt Cobain of politics,” Shapiro commented on his show in The Daily Wire. “He put a shotgun in the mouth of the American body politic and then pulled the trigger. And the brains are on the wall.” The very insensitive description of suicide in his remark has infuriated a lot of fans who are slamming him for his lack of compassion about the singer's tragic death.


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Cobain, Nirvana singer and frontman had shot himself to death on April 5, 1994. The singer was only 27 years old at the time of his death. The singer, known worldwide via his grunge band, had been prone to alcoholism and suffered from depression. He also had an agonizing case of bronchitis and often went through intense pain due to his condition. The singer had also used drugs and inhalants. The news of the singer's death had taken fans by immense shock. 

Most fans have been infuriated with Shapiro's comment and have not hesitated to express the same on social media. 

"We need to make Shapiro the Cobain of politics," a user commented. 


"Shapiro was all the right ways. #Cobain is regarded in the music world as one of the greatest of all time. Ben, you just paid President #Biden a huge compliment. Was #Obama the John #Lennon of presidents? @benshapiro are the #Nickelback of political commentary," another user wrote. 


"I’m confused as to what he means. Kurt Cobain was a genius music, so is he calling Joe Biden a genius in politics? That’s doesn’t seem very on brand for Shapiro," a third user remarked. Another wrote a scathing tweet saying: "By the time of his death at age 27, Kurt Cobain released 3 albums, had 21 singles and his band, Nirvana,is widely considered one of the most iconic bands in music history. By the time Ben Shapiro turned 27, he was still trying to find a white hood to fit over his tinfoil hat." One social media user slammed Shapiro's commentary saying: "Ben Shapiro is the Kurt Cobain of American political punditry. He opens his mouth, sounds come out, and teenagers mesmerically repeat them, but when you actually read the words, they make no sense at all."




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