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'Below Deck Sailing Yacht': Fans slam Daisy for not nipping fight between her stews

Instead of trying to intervene and nipping the tension between her stews, Daisy just pushed the matter under the rug and went on with her day
UPDATED MAR 22, 2022
'Below Deck Sailing Yacht' star Daisy Kelliher (Bravo)
'Below Deck Sailing Yacht' star Daisy Kelliher (Bravo)

'Below Deck Sailing Yacht's chief stewardess Daisy Kelliher might be a great stewardess but sadly isn't coming off as a good team leader. Season 3 of the Bravo show kicked off with Daisy assigning Gabriela Barragan as her second stew and Ashley Marti as the third stew. This irked Ashley to no end as she felt that she should have been made the second stew since Gabriela and she had similar work experience.

A very disgruntled Ashley never passed up on any given opportunity to complain about it and began slacking off when it came to her work. She also didn't take too kindly to Gabriela ordering her around. Gabriela, on the other hand, wasn't pleased with Ashley's nonchalant attitude towards work. The bubbling tension between the two stews was beginning to affect the interior team's performance. Sadly it wasn't Daisy who noticed the cracks in the performance but the crew's chef Marcos Spaziani. He pulled Daisy aside and informed her about the ongoing cold-war between her stews.


'Below Deck Sailing Yacht': Fans slam third stew Ashley for complaining about work

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Ashley Marti, the third stew on 'Below Deck Sailing Yacht' (Bravo)

But instead of trying to intervene and nipping the tension between her stews, Daisy just pushed the matter under the rug and continued to go on with her day. Fans weren't very pleased with Daisy's actions and began calling her out for it. A fan tweeted, "Is it just me, or does Daisy seem to be dropping the ball this season? Why is she not taking charge with these 2 stews? And why would she only send one stew over to put up a tent and set up a beach picnic? #BelowDeckSailingYacht." Another fan wrote, "Daisy, c’mon. You’re a good stew but you need to nip that crap between your crew in the bud! #belowdecksailing #BelowDeckSailingYacht." "Daisy needs to get a hold of her team. This is a disaster. #belowdecksailing #BelowDeckSailingYacht," echoed a fan.




Gabriela Barragan on 'Below Deck Sailing Yacht' (Bravo)

Some fans even felt that Daisy was taking Ashely's side by remaining quiet. A fan shared, "How come Daisy always praises Ashley but never Gabby? #BelowDeckSailingYacht." "Exactly. I don’t like Daisy’s both siding of this bitching. It’s all Ashley, all the time. #belowdecksailing #belowdecksailingyacht," expressed a fan. "No Daisy “they” are not at it again. Ashley is a sniveling whinger while Gabby gets it done! #BelowDeckSailingYacht," pointed out a fan.




'Below Deck Sailing Yacht' Season 3 airs every Monday at 8/7c on Bravo.

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