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2AM makes comeback with ‘Ballad 21 F/W’ after 7 years, 2PM swamped with acting projects

2AM will make their official comeback after a 7-year long hiatus in November while 2PM broke their 2-year hiatus in early in 2021
2AM follows suit after 2PM to make a comeback in 2021 while most of 2PM has announced acting projects (@voice_2am, @follow_2pm/Twitter)
2AM follows suit after 2PM to make a comeback in 2021 while most of 2PM has announced acting projects (@voice_2am, @follow_2pm/Twitter)

JYP Entertainment’s second-gen popular group debuted in the year 2008 and came to be known as One Day, which is where the history of 2AM and 2PM began. Park Jinyoung (also known as JYP), the CEO of the label, started the group which came from a documentary show called ‘Hot Blooded Men’, which was a rigorous training program in which rapper Jay Park finished at the top spot with the most number of fan votes.

The group One Day initially debuted as an 11 member group, but due to leader Jay Park’s personal scandals, he was taken out from the group and the unit was reduced to being a ten-member group. The group was divided into two official subunits - 2AM produced music as an RnB group while 2PM produced music as a Hip-Hop group.


After 2PM, 2AM is back with JYP and HYBE's Bang PD producing title tracks

2PM's Hwang Chansung to star in 2021 K-drama 'Show Window: The Queen's House'

After 2PM, 2AM the sub-unit of One Day that initially debuted under JYP Entertainment will make a comeback after a 7-year hiatus (BeyondtheOneDay/YouTube)

Both groups make comeback after hiatus

Soon after their debut, the group was divided into their two subunits. The RnB group 2AM produced new music from 2008 to 2014 but later went on a hiatus while the Hip-Hop group 2PM produced their music from 2008 to 2016; the group went on a brief hiatus for two years as all of the members from the group enlisted in the military only to make a comeback in 2019 with most members from 2PM branching into acting.

As of October 2021, 2AM shocked their fans when they announced their official comeback, seven years after their long hiatus. The four-member RnB group is making a comeback in the month of November of 2021 with their new mini-album ‘Ballad 21 F/W’, which will be their fourth EP since their debut in 2008.

K-pop group 2AM makes a comeback seven years after their hiatus with 'Ballad 21F/W' (@voice_2am/Twitter)

2AM makes their comeback

On October 20, JYP Entertainment announced that the new album from 2AM will be released on November 1; the album consists of five tracks in total. The members released their tracklist for the album which reveals the composition credits for the songs on the album. The title track for the album is called ‘I didn't know because you were close’, which is written and composed by ‘Hitman’ Bang.

‘Hitman’ Bang is HYBE's (BigHit Entertainment) former CEO; Bang Si Hyuk is also known as Bang PD, the man who got groups like BTS and TXT together. The second song on the album is ‘What do you mean goodbye?’, which is written and composed by Asian Soul, JYP, or Park Jinyoung of JYP Entertainment. This marks the first time Bang PD has produced music for any band apart from BTS and TXT which has many fans excited for this album.

Members of 2PM celebrated their 13th Anniversary in September of 2021 (@follow_2PM/Twitter)

Most of 2PM is booked and busy too

While 2AM is making their first official comeback since their hiatus, 2PM recently made their second comeback of 2021 with the album ‘With Me Again’. Members Junho and Chansung of 2PM have announced their respective acting projects. Junho is currently appearing as the main lead of the MBC drama ‘Red End of Sleeves’, while Chansung, who was last seen in the K-drama ‘So I Married An Antifan’, has announced he's starring in the Channel A drama ‘Show Window: The Queen’s House’.

The group’s rapper, Taecyeon, who was loved as the psychopath villain in the tvN K-drama ‘Vincenzo’, will now be seen as a royal inspector in the period drama ‘Secret Royal Inspector Joy’. It is reported that he will also star in the upcoming Korean movie ‘Hansan’.