New band members? Backstreet Boys meet adorable Nashville shelter puppies named after them

New band members? Backstreet Boys meet adorable Nashville shelter puppies named after them
Members of the Backstreet Boys, Kevin (L), AJ (C), and Brian (R) pose with puppies named after them in Nashville (NashvilleHumaneAssociation/Facebook)

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE: The Nashville Humane Association (NHA) announced on Facebook that it had partnered with all five Backstreet Boys for a photo shoot showcasing a litter of adoptable puppies named after the band.

The famous band members who were in town for a concert met up with their canine impersonators and took pictures with them. The remarkable encounter was described as "Larger Than Life for all involved!" by the animal sanctuary. Based on the Facebook post, the actual Backstreet Boys asked for the introduction personally and needed the dogs' assistance with a specific production shot. To disclose the star-studded picture session and adoption information about the puppies, the Tennessee shelter was inspired by the popular 1997 Backstreet Boys tune 'Everybody (Backstreet's Back).' "That's right everyone! It's time to throw your hands up in the air and wag your tails like you just don't care. Cause have we got some news for you!" NHA wrote on its Facebook page. "Allow us to introduce you to Nashville Humane Association's Backstreet Boys litter WITH THEIR BACKSTREET BOYS NAMESAKE!"


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Nick after Nick Carter, Kevin after Kevin Anderson, AJ after AJ McLean, Brian after Brian Littrell, and Howie after Howie Dorough are the names of the five shepherd mix puppies, who are 10 weeks old. “Brian, Nick, AJ, Howie, and Kevin. Pups + BSB. All Adorable, right?” the Nashville Humane Association wrote in the post. “All of us at NHA are still in awe that this introduction happened!” Millennium, the title of the band's third studio album, is the name allotted to the sixth littermate.

Whilst four of the six puppies have already found happy homes, all of them were available for adoption. The adoption page on the shelter's website states that Howie, AJ, and Nick are still waiting for their owners. “We are so grateful for this superstardom support towards raising adoption awareness for some adorable 9–10-week-old shepherd mix shelter pups!” the Nashville Humane Association said.

The band's website states that Backstreet Boys played in Nashville on September 8 and Memphis, Tennessee, the following day. "If there was ever a moment to have 6 degrees of separation (plus unconditional love) from a Backstreet Boy... Now is your chance!" NHA wrote on social media. "And we're all sure you want it that way. Cause all of these pups promise that they'll never break your heart."

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