'Bachelor in Paradise': What does Jacob Rapini do for a living? Lyft offers olive branch to star after Twitter banter

'Bachelor in Paradise': What does Jacob Rapini do for a living? Lyft offers olive branch to star after Twitter banter
'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 star Jacob Rapini (jacobrapini/Instagram)

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA: Fans of 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 have seen a number of fantastic connections so far. Jill and Jacob appeared to be one of the couples that seemed to be a wonderful match. Their effervescent personalities complemented one another, and Bachelor Nation couldn't get enough of their connection, especially after some of Jill's heartbreak early in the season. Jacob opted to break up with Jill following a dramatic split-week event. Looking back, Jacob regrets his decision.

Early on, Jacob appeared to be a popular commodity in Paradise, with Lace Morris, Kira Mengistu, and Hailey Malles all vying for his rose. In the end, Jacob selected Lace, which he admits he should not have done in retrospect, but he has no hard feelings for Lace now.


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Jill and Jacob ended up connecting after the turmoil of the first rose ceremony. They then got to go on a date, where they had an intriguing night full of crystals, howling at the moon, and feeling comfortable being nude around each other. On this date, the two looked to get along beautifully — their energy seemed to complement each other. Furthermore, after so many love triangles involving them, it was refreshing to watch the two start a true relationship.

The term "split week" alludes to the Casa Amor-style gimmick implemented by producers for this season of 'Bachelor In Paradise.' The girls had to leave the beach — and their men — so that 5 new females could enter, including a prominent new addition from 'The Bachelor Australia.' The original females have then whisked away to a neighboring hotel, where they would spend the week with five different guys. This break was intended to put each 'BiP' relationship to the test and it certainly had an impact on Jacob and Jill's relationship.

While Jill spent the week not interested in any of the new guys and hoping she could be back with Jacob, he was pursuing a relationship with Kate, which did not work out. When Jill returned to the beach, Jacob stated that he still felt that his capacity to pursue with someone else meant that he didn't have such a deep connection with Jill and that resulted in the split of the couple.

Jill was devastated, to say the least. She'd spent the week not chasing anybody and looking forward to getting back to the beach to be with Jacob, but it had all come crumbling down within minutes of her return. She then elected to depart Paradise, thus adding to the multiple numbers of self-eliminations for the season. We obtained a funny yet sad clip of Jill in the car after she left the beach, stating something along the lines of, "I'm crying over a Lyft driver. He sold his couch for cash."

While some 'BiP' contestants slammed Jacob after seeing their breakups aired, others expressed regret. Jacob said in an interview with US Weekly that he had regrets over breaking up with Jill. He expressed, "I kind of do wish that [we] continued things. What I did there was I said, ‘OK, look, I don’t want to lead you on anymore. I want you to see if you can find your soulmate here.’ I didn’t want her to leave right away. I didn’t think she would leave right away. But after what happened with her and Romeo and then having a relationship with her and I, Jill just said, ‘You know what? Enough is enough. I gotta go.’ I still wish I had just said, ‘Let’s just see what you and I have.’"

Jacob also chuckled over Jill's Lyft driver remark and stated that the two still have a fantastic connection and talk frequently.


What is Jacob's real job?

According to his LinkedIn profile, Jacob works as a Mortgage Broker at Allied First Bank. Since March 2021, he has held the post in Scottsdale, Arizona. Prior to that, from October 2019 to March 2021, he worked as a Mortgage Loan Officer at Axos Bank in San Diego, California.

Jill mentioned in her exit interview after their breakup on 'BiP' that Jacob is a Lyft driver who sold his sofa for cash. Lyft first supported Jill on Twitter. Then Jacob blasted them with his driving statistics. According to his Twitter profile, he has been with the company for 5 months, has a perfect rating, and has completed at least, 1151 rides. A fan commented that Jacob needed a new sofa. Then Lyft reversed course and gave a sofa as a peace gesture.Fans on social media have gone crazy with the Tarzan man's hustle, and some have even slammed Jill for acting as if she was above dating a Lyft driver.


Want to see Jacob's journey of finding love on 'Bachelor in Paradise'? Tune into ABC this Monday, Novemeber 7 sharp at 8 PM ET.

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