'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022: Love or money? Kate Gallivan is confused between Logan and Hayden

'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022: Love or money? Kate Gallivan is confused between Logan and Hayden
'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022 contestants Logan, Kate, and Hayden (ABC)

VALLARTA, MEXICO: Paradise is ending soon! With each passing episode, we see couples moving toward their engagement. Some are certain about who they want to continue their relationship with, while some still seem to be confused.

In the upcoming episode, we will see Kate Gallivan and Logan Palmer getting close to each other. Logan is about to confess his feelings. However, the sneak peek hints that the 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 might get his heart broken. In the last episode, we saw Kate and Hayden Markowitz going on a date for zip lining. Kate loved the experience but it wasn't the same for Hayden. Furthermore, Kate isn't interested in Hayden as he is obsessed with his dog. Well, this situation seems to have confused Kate. Keep reading to know who she will choose to take her relationship forward with.


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Kate confused between love and money

In the recently released sneak peek of Week 7 episode, we see Logan and Kate standing next to each other on the beach. Logan pulls Kate closer and says, "I want you to be mine. So do you feel that way too?" They further are seen kissing each other, with other contestants cheering from behind.

Kate is then seen having a little girl-to-girl talk with Shanae Ankey. She says, "Logan is, like really great, but Hayden has money which we love." She further explains Hayden's love for dogs and how he spends extravagantly on them. Shanae says, "I mean if he can spend $100,000 on his dog..." Kate further explains about Logan, "I don't want to have to carry someone else," indirectly meaning Logan is not as rich as Hayden. 

So, does this mean Kate will go ahead with Hayden in the show? According to Reality Steve's spoilers, Kate went with Logan but they broke up on the result day. The official synopsis of Week 7 states, "Next week, the pressure mounts as the couples realize that engagement is just around the corner, and the remaining singles will have to make some decisions -- quickly. Even the most established couples will be put to the test."


'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022 drops every Monday and Tuesday at 8/7c on ABC. However, Week 7 will have only one episode, which is to be released on November 7, 2022.

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