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'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022: Fans slam Genevieve for making Aaron's 'insecurities' all about herself

Justin's return caused complications for Genevieve and Aaron, owing to the fact that Genevieve and Justin were a one-time thing, which left Aaron feeling uneasy
Aaron (L) and Genevieve in 'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022 (ABC)
Aaron (L) and Genevieve in 'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022 (ABC)

VALLARTA, MEXICO: The return of one man disturbed Paradise just when everything seemed to be tranquil. One of Paradise's loveliest couples had their moment on Monday night and Bachelor Nation has lots to say.

Love and heartache went hand in hand in the 'Bachelor in Paradise' episode that aired on Monday. Rodney was in for some troubled seas when Justin came back to the beach and switched his attention to Eliza. Aaron cried on Genevieve's shoulder as Justin arrived, bringing his fears to the surface. While some fans believed the pair had no reason to doubt their relationship, others said Genevieve was wrong to make everything about herself.


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Justin's return caused complications for Genevieve and Aaron, owing to the fact that Genevieve and Justin were a one-time thing, which left Aaron feeling uneasy. "She talks about Justin a lot and how he f**ked up a lot," Aaron said. "It makes me feel like I was option two, he was option one," he added.

Aaron then walked away during a conversation with Genevieve, Wells, and Alex, when Genevieve stated that a better relationship with Aaron is not the only reason she is not with Justin today.

Genevieve chased Aaron down to check on him and he said, "It makes it sound like it's not my success that brought me and you together, it's Justin’s failing. It's not because of Justin failing that this is a thing. I want it to be because you like me, not because Justin is a d**k... I want you to see me as Aaron, not as someone who makes you feel good."

Genevieve was in tears after the conversation with Aaron and she couldn't understand how he couldn't see how much she liked him. They met again when they had both calmed down and Genevieve quickly apologized for "saying something that didn’t show how I feel or made you question it."

"At the beginning of us, there was a little of Justin left, and that bothered me, but I was understanding about it," Aaron explained. "... I just wanted to feel and know that eventually, you would fall in love with me for me, not because of a guy that made you feel good, and he made you feel bad."

Aaron said he wanted to "feel special too" and "understood" when Genevieve complimented him on how he made her feel. Genevieve agreed that Aaron's sentiments are "so valid" as he sobbed.

Genevieve and Aaron in 'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022 (ABC)
Genevieve and Aaron in 'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022 (ABC)

"I like you a lot and I would not be bothered by these things if I didn't," Aaron explained. "... You mean a lot to me in such a short time, it makes me uneasy in a good way."

It "really put into perspective how much I don’t want to lose Aaron," Genevieve told the cameras. That would "crush" her since she is now "falling in love with Aaron."

Looking at the pair fight over Justin's return, a fan tweeted, "Omg not Aaron and Genevieve fighting for absolutely no reason at all." While another fan slammed Genevieve for turning Aaron's vulnerability about her, "Kind of a red flag that Genevieve turned Aaron being vulnerable and sharing his insecurities into something about her…"

Defending Genevieve, another fan wrote, "I really don’t think Genevieve is a manipulative person, I think she’s in a high stress situation and Aaron has become one of her only safe spaces. And the thought of messing that up and losing the safe space is terrifying her."

Tired of the emotional exhaustion from the two, another fan tweeted, "I like Genevieve, but if she keeps acting like this she’s going to emotionally exhaust Aaron and I don’t want that for either of them."





Some fans also agreed with Aaron as they wrote, "I love Aaron telling Genevieve how she twists situations. Girl - therapy."

A 'BiP' viewer added, "Everything Aaron said is correct. Justin was living rent free in Genevieve’s head." One tweet read, "Yeah Genevieve we’re all wondering why you are so hung up on Justin if you like Aaron so much?"

Slamming Genevieve, an angry wrote, "No way in hell aaron just apologized when genevieve was in the wrong."





'Bachelor in Paradise' airs on ABC on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 pm.

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