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'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022: Hayden 'obsessed with his dog' Markowitz slammed after Paradise debut

Fans were stunned to see the villain and flocked to Twitter to vent their outrage as he asked Kate Gallivan on a date despite her growing romance with Logan Palmer
Hayden Markowitz in 'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022 (ABC)
Hayden Markowitz in 'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022 (ABC)

VALLARTA, MEXICO: Hayden Markowitz has arrived in Paradise after departing the 'Bachelorette' season of Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey with disgrace. However, Bachelor Nation is stunned when the Golden Retriever dad made a startling return to the show in a terrible move.

During Season 19 of 'The Bachelorette', which took place in France and on a cruise ship, tensions between Rachel Recchia and Hayden had reached a boiling point, which ended with him being sent home to Florida. However, this was not the first time the problematic contestant fought with a lead. Hayden had informed co-lead Gabby Windey that she was "rough around the edges" and that his "values" more matched Rachel's. Gabby was so disturbed by the statement, paired with other men rejecting her, that she quit the group date early.


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Other contestants overheard Hayden making nasty remarks about both co-leads behind the scenes. Hayden allegedly called them "b——," which was bleeped out during the show. He also likened them to his ex-girlfriend and stated that if he was with either lead, he would be "settling." When James Clarke heard Hayden's statements, he described them as "disturbing."

On the final group date before the rose ceremony, James came forward and informed Rachel of what he had heard. Hayden was then accosted by Rachel. Hayden believed Rachel wanted to follow up on their recent talk regarding his dog, who he said had three months to live after a cancer diagnosis and surgery. Hayden was irritated when Rachel left the conversation to chat with Tino Franco. Rachel didn't want to chat about Rambo, she wanted him to react to his comments, which he refuted right away.

The 29-year-old Floridian strolled on the beach in the episode and his provocative words regarding Rachel and Gabby drew mixed reactions from the other contestants. Fans were stunned to see the villain and flocked to Twitter to vent their outrage as he invited Kate Gallivan out on a date despite her growing romance with Logan Palmer. Several viewers have commented on how frequently Hayden mentions his dog, Rambo, with one fan calling it "pathetic."

Hayden Markowitz in 'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022 (ABC)
Hayden Markowitz in 'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022 (ABC)

Hayden didn't fail to mention how much he has spent to keep his dog alive, but Bachelor Nation had their own concerns as one said, "Hayden spent SIX figure on keeping his dog alive for another year and is spending half of it on reality shows."

Another fan added, "Hayden’s dog calling him on the beach to explain that dogs don’t care about money, their love language is quite literally quality time."

Questioning his choice to feature on reality shows rather than spending the last days with his dog, a fan wrote, "Hayden would spend 6 figures to save his dog’s life but won’t *checks notes* stay home with his dog during the short amount of time he has left to live?"

One fan questioned the franchise about their choice of bringing the show villain back, "Why are they giving another platform to this Hayden guy? I’m getting so over this franchise."

Another fan slammed him saying, "Hayden is YET AGAIN using poor Rambo as a sympathy card and as a way to brag about his wealth. Pathetic."






Hayden denying his action on Gabby and Rachel's season made fans go after him as one tweeted, "Hayden: it's not like I was being a d**k, I was joking with another guy. SHOW THE FOOTAGE."

While a fan admired Hayden's devotion towards his dog, they couldn't help but criticize him, "Hayden spending that kind of money on his dog is admirable. I spent over 30k to give my sweet pittie with terminal leukemia 9 more months. I would have spent more. But I would not ever ever leave her for weeks to hookup with randos on a beach. Actions, people!"

Bachelor Nation also slammed the franchise for not letting other potential contestants another shot at love as one fan wrote, "They chose HAYDEN for the beach over all these certified sweeties???" Another fan quipped, "Whoever wrote this cyron for Hayden bravo."





'Bachelor in Paradise' airs on ABC on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 pm.

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