'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022: Fans call Aaron 'pain in the a**', tell Genevieve to 'drop him'

'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022: Fans call Aaron 'pain in the a**', tell Genevieve to 'drop him'
Aaron Clancy and Genevieve Parisi in ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ 2022 Episode 14 (ABC)

VALLARTA, MEXICO: Genevieve Parisi and Aaron Clancy's relationship encountered another snag when they disagreed about whether 'itching' and 'pain' were the same things in the November 15 episode of 'Bachelor in Paradise'. Fans see nothing 'healthy' about the relationship, since this is not the first time Genevieve has threatened to leave Paradise following a disagreement with Aaron.

In the episode, Genevieve packed her belongings and threatened to leave 'Bachelor in Paradise' once more. She made the decision after another argument with Aaron. Even though the two had earlier said that they were in love, there were clearly fissures in their relationship. Genevieve told Aaron she was "impatient," and he told her not to "stress." When she protested she wasn't "stressed," just "annoyed," he stated they were the "same thing." Genevieve disagreed, prompting Aaron to remark, "That's like saying itching and pain are different."


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This generated an argument between Aaron and Genevieve regarding whether itching and pain were the same, as he claimed. Aaron shouted at Genevieve to "look it up" rather than "yell" at him, which irritated her because she didn't think she had yelled. "You are raising your voice to me," Aaron asserted. "Just stop. Okay? You’re good. Have a good night." Aaron left the conversation at that time, which prompted Genevieve to depart.

"That was insane, seriously," she stated flatly. "The fact that he got that mad over the difference between pain and itch…that was the last straw. I did not raise my voice at him. Why would I raise my voice about pain and itching? I’m done. I want to go. Please get me a car. I’ve never had someone disrespect me like that in my life." She was in tears as she walked out of the resort with her baggage to wait for a car. Back on the beach, Logan Palmer told Aaron that the conflicts he and Genevieve were not "healthy." Everyone else was astounded that the two had such a heated argument over such a weird topic.

"Genevieve presses the panic button immediately in any situation," Aaron remarked. "You have to be able to reel it in someones and not lash out and be an unpleasant person to be around. But either way, itching is low-level pain. That’s facts." Of course, this was not the first time Genevieve had threatened to leave, and Aaron had to catch up with her before she did anything drastic.

"I will never let anyone speak to me the way you spoke to me," Genevieve said. "You were screaming and swearing at me. I didn’t raise my voice." Aaron, on the other hand, said that Genevieve "screamed" at him first. "I tried to make you feel better," he stated. They proceeded to argue over who said what and what it all meant. "I’m not trying to argue," Aaron insisted. "I’m trying to make you feel better, like I’ve always done."

As the two discussed in circles, the topic kept returning to whether itching and pain were the same things. Aaron eventually stated calmly why he brought it up, and Genevieve pointed out that he could've used that strategy the first time. "You said, 'F***ing look it up, it’s the same f***ing thing,'" she explained. They then argued about whether Genevieve was "upset" or "impatient," both of which she believed were not the same thing.

Genevieve expressed her dissatisfaction with Aaron's decision to say "good night" without concluding the conversation, while he expressed his dissatisfaction with her decision to leave when things became difficult. Aaron eventually softened. "I want this to work. I’ve wanted it to work," he explained. “I’ve tried to give you sweet love, tough love if you need it. I try to help anytime I can. I know when you’re not emotional you’re very sweet, and you’re very nurturing and there’s a reason I fell in love with you. But when you’re emotional, it takes over everything. Feelings get hurt sometimes, but at the end of the day, we both are the same. We are just trying our best out here. We’re both still getting to know each other and I need a little bit of time sometimes. It’s nothing bad about you. I know it’s not the best, but trust me, it will be better for me.”

Aaron vowed not to blow Genevieve off the next time they argued and told her that he never wanted her to be angry. They finished the conversation with an embrace, and Genevieve opted to stay on the beach. "Falling in love in Paradise definitely comes at a cost," she said in a confessional. "It seems like it’s all fun and games on a beach, and we’re having fun, but it’s all these tough moments that make it very real. It’s never easy. The second you think everything’s going well, something happens to make you question everything."

Fans totally enjoyed how the producers thought of interviewing the mic man who has to sit through listening to the couple bickering all day, "SCREAMING THAT THEY BROUGHT THIS MAN IN TO SHADE AARON AND GENEVIEVE." Mocking Genevieve for pulling out her 'I am about to leave' card, a fan quipped, "Whenever Genevieve gets into a disagreement with Aaron." Calling the couple 'super dramatic' a fan tweeted, "Aaron and Genevieves fights remind me of those high school couples that would breakup and get back together all the time and we’re always super dramatic each time." Some fans also expressed how they want Genevieve to leave the Paradise as well as the relationship, "genevieve for the love of god get in the car."





A fan seemed to have picked side in the recent couple's argument, "Aaron is a low level pain in the a*s." Calling out the producers to make a mockery out of this toxicity, a fan tweeted, "Lmao the producers are hell. They didn't have to show that animal scratching itself and saying ouch. Yall not right. It's clear as day that production takes Aaron and Genevieve as a joke." Aaron haters also had some advice for Gen, "Genevieve did not yell at Aaron. Girl, DROP HIM!!" Bach Nation now wants to rename a path on Paradise, as one quipped, "can we just rename the jungle path genevieve lane."





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