Netflix 'Atypical' Season 4: How does Casey's dad react to the news that she is dating Izzie?

Casey is played by actor Brigette Lundy Paine who came out as non binary in 2019

                            Netflix 'Atypical' Season 4: How does Casey's dad react to the news that she is dating Izzie?
Michael Rapaport stars as Douglas Gardner (Netflix)

Season 4 of 'Atypical' starts with Casey Gardner (Brigette Lundy Paine) still grappling with her sexuality. While many of those closest to her, including her mother Elsa (Jennifer Jason Leigh), Sam (Keir Gilchrist) her brother and the protagonist of the show and her former boyfriend Evan (Graham Rogers) know that she is now involved with her former rival Izzie, it is her father Doug (Michael Rapaport) that Casey seems to be avoiding coming out to. 

When her mother tries to oh so casually ask her when Casey is planning to tell her dad that she's dating Izzie, Casey pretends like she is mulling it over and then tells her mother to butt out. Casey however then in a more vulnerable moment tells her mother that she is worried that her father simply won't know what to say when she tells him and that will make things awkward and weird. Her mother then suggests that Casey attends a gender and sexuality Alliance Meeting which is taking place. Izzie comes along for moral support and it seems like she enjoys the meeting far more than Casey who feels out of place. Casey and Izzie's relationship has taken centre stage in the show which centres around 19-year-old Sam who is on the autism spectrum, due to fans interest in the relationship. If shows like 'Atypical' appeal to you, you may also enjoy shows such as 'Love on the Spectrum' and 'Hannah Gadsby: Douglas'. 


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Brigette Lundy Paine and Fivel Stewart star as Casey Gardner and Izzie on 'Atypical' (Netflix)


It's finally after a day united as a family helping Sam to move into his new apartment, that Casey's mother tells Doug and his daughter to talk. It turns out that Casey had nothing to worry about. While her father is initially surprised to hear that she's dating Izzie, he's more concerned about why she never told him earlier. She says that she was scared that it would change the way he saw her. He says that it hasn't and he still thinks she's a giant pain in the ass. It's an incredibly sweet scene and for parents who want to navigate potentially tricky territory about sexuality, this scene is a good example of how it can be handled with humour, compassion and sensitivity. Now that Casey's dad has accepted her sexuality, the question can Casey be comfortable in her own skin as well, and accept that she's not just 'hanging out' with Izzie but that they are an actual couple. To find out you can catch the episodes of Season 4 of 'Atypical' which began streaming on Netflix on July 9. 

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