'Atypical' Season 4: Will Casey and Izzie's parents accept their romance?

'Atypical' Season 4: Will Casey and Izzie's parents accept their romance?
Brigette Lundy Paine and Fivel Stewart star as Casey Gardner and Izzie on 'Atypical' (Netflix)

'Atypical' may center around nineteen-year-old Sam's attempts to find love and independence, but in the last season, it was his sister Casey's (Brigette Lundy Paine) love story with Izzie (Fivel Stewart) that seems to have captivated viewers. 

Viewers definitely feel for Casey whose feelings for her rival turned romantic interest has led to Casey having to grapple with several big questions that her sexuality raises. In the upcoming trailer of season 4 of 'Atypical', it seems that Casey has to decide just how much of her new sexuality she wants to share with her parents and how and if she can be a support system to Izzie whose mother is being dismissive of her daughter's sexuality. If shows like 'Atypical' are of interest then other shows like 'Love on The Spectrum', 'Hannah Gadsby: Douglas', and 'Autism: The Sequel'  should appeal as well.


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Graham Rogers, Brigette Lundy Paine, and Fivel Stewart star as Evan, Casey, and Izzie on 'Atypical' (Netflix)

In the trailer of the final season of 'Atypical' we see Casey telling her well-meaning mother played by Jennifer Jason Leigh to 'butt out' when her mother starts to question whether Casey is planning on telling her father played by Michael Rapaport about the new developments in her personal life. However, while at least Casey can have a discussion with her parents about her sexuality, the situation isn't the same for Izzie whose mother simply writes off her interest in girls as a phase. Izzie tells Casey in the trailer that at least Casey has a support system, whereas in Izzie's case she's her own support system. In a declaration of love, no matter how things turn out between these two, Casey tells Izzie she will be her support system and fans can't get enough of this romantic moment.

One fan on YouTube says, "OH MY GOD WHEN CASEY SAID “I’ll be your support system” 🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰😭😭😭😽😽😽😌😌😌☺️☺️☺️😚😚😚🌈🌈🌈".

Another fan echoed the sentiment on YouTube, "I literally was about to scream when I heard "I'll be your support system" They'd better end up happily together or I'll cry my eyes out 👀". But while fans love Casey and Izzie's relationship dynamic they still feel strongly about Casey's ex-boyfriend Evan especially since Casey and Evan's relationship was also a beautifully written one.

Graham Rogers stars as Evan on 'Atypical' (Netflix)

One fan on YouTube said, "Yay Evan is back! I’m so glad, I thought they would’ve wrote him out. I only started watching this because I kept hearing there was a cute lesbian couple on it, but actually in the end I realised I liked Evan & Casey more... they had such a good relationship! I don’t ever find girl-boy relationships interesting on TV, there’s enough of them in real life to idealise lol, but Evan was just so... lovely and pure. I was sad when they broke up ☹️ I usually root for the girl to leave the boy for a girl, but I felt so bad for Evan...especially as Izzie played Casey at first."

Others agreed that Evan deserves more with a fan on YouTube saying, "We need a solid end to Evan's story let's be honest he deserves to have his own happy ever after."

Will Casey in fact be able to be Izzie's one-woman support system and will Evan get his own happily ever after? Also, what will Casey's father Doug's reaction be when he hears about his daughter and Izzie, and will Izzie's mother ever accept that this is not just a phase for her daughter. You can find out all the answers when the final season of 'Atypical' begins streaming on July 9 on Netflix. 

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