Ateez ‘Season Songs’: Release date, concept and all about Kim Jong-kook collab

Ateez ‘Season Songs’: Release date, concept and all about Kim Jong-kook collab
The fourth-gen K-pop group Ateez collaborates with the legendary first-gen artist Kim Jong-kook (@ATEEZofficial/Twitter)

Ateez has been on a roll ever since they last appeared on the performance reality show 'Kingdom: Legendary War'. After San from the group was reported to have been Covid positive, the other seven members of Ateez along with San were self-quarantining. With San recovering and Ateez becoming 8 again after Mingi’s return from hiatus, the boy band is ready to make summer one notch brighter.

The boys first announced a collaboration with Running Man cast member and former member of the dance-duo Turbo, Kim Jong-kook. This mini-album comes as Ateez’s newest release following their Japanese single album, Dreamers and their debut Japanese album, Into the A to Z. Kim Jong-kook and Ateez have also teamed up for a brand new reality show, ‘The Man of the Pirate King’ which released on Kakao TV on August 11.


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A still from the teaser for 'Wanna Go See The Sea?" (KQ ENTERTAINMENT/YouTube)

Release date

Kim Jong-kook X Ateez’s ‘Season Songs’ will release on August 16 at 6 pm KST (5 am ET).

How to listen

The mini-album will be released on major music streaming platforms like melOn, genie, Vibe, and YouTube music.



1. Wanna Go See The Sea? - Title track
2. White Love
3. Black Cat Nero

The title track, ‘Wanna Go See The Sea?’, shows bright summer vibes with the boys and the veteran singer by the sea calling the viewers to join them at the sea. The song ‘White Love’ is co-composed by Ateez’s members Mingi and Hongjoong which in one fans opinion, spoilt on their fan cafe by Wooyoung of Ateez. The song ‘Black Cat Nero’ is the group's cover of Turbo’s 1995 single of the same title. 


Watch Ateez perform a Halloween cover for the song 'Black Cat Nero' by Turbo below:



In the concept photos released for the collab, all eight members of Ateez look ready for summer as they are all dressed in casuals. The photos are taken out in the sun where a few members are seen using their hands to block the sun while others wore sunglasses. The members look fresh with their new hair after their last official Korean album.


The members of Ateez release concept photos for their upcoming collab. (@ATEEZofficial/Twitter)


To tease their release, Ateez has dropped two teaser clips. The first is a clip featuring Ateez and Kim Jong-kook singing the title songs chorus while the other is a special teaser featuring Ateez’s maknae (youngest) Jongho who looks like he is having a lot of fun 


Watch the teasers below:




Fans say this song sounds a lot like 'song of the year'

One fan was close to being canceled on Twitter when they got other Atiny's in the first half as they said, "I'm gonna get cancelled for this but do you want go the sea ? by ateezx kjk sounds like it's copied from somewhere?? Idk just the beat, the concept, everything.. it all sounds familiar I just can't pinpoint exactly where i've heard it? It sounds like song of the year." to which another replied, "Damn..i was ready to fight but the last part tho."



Another said, "This collab is exciting, refreshing, joyful, incredible, amazing, one of a kind, a reason to be happy, timeless, an instant retro modern classic!!!" while one other fan said, "Very refreshing and happy concept and it seems to be that song that we will have inside our heads for a long time, but ... CAN WE TALK ABOUT THAT "AMIGO"? It is the new "GRACIAS" that I will scream without mercy!!"





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 Ateez’s ‘Season Songs’: Release date, concept, and all about their ‘bright summer’ collab