Ateez's second world tour in 2022 postponed again, fans ask 'will this ever end'

Ateez's second world tour began in Seoul in 2020 but the rest of it was postponed before getting canceled

                            Ateez's second world tour in 2022 postponed again, fans ask 'will this ever end'
Ateez kicked off their second world tour on January 7, 2022 (@ATEEZofficial/Twitter)

Atinys everywhere were excited as Ateez kicked off their second world tour in Seoul on January 7, 2022. After their online concert for their fanclub anniversary on November 14, 2021, the K-pop group surprised fans by announcing their second world tour. Their first world tour in 2019 was a success which fans found impressive since they were still rookies. And so, to thank fans for their support Ateez had immediately planned another in 2020.

Ateez’s initial second world tour ‘The Fellowship: Map The Treasure’ began in February 2020 with a 2-day concert in Seoul. They were supposed to go on the European leg of the tour in March, but a few days before they could travel, the world announced the global lockdown. The 2020 tour was postponed before it got canceled. And it looks like we are getting deja vu because it is happening all over again with Ateez’s 2022 world tour.

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Ateez’s world tour 2022 gets postponed again

Ateez is currently one of the biggest fourth-gen groups despite not coming from a Big 4 label (Hybe, YG, JYPE, SM). They are million-sellers and are the eighth best-selling group of 2021, competing with the likes of BTS, NCT and Seventeen. Having constantly charted high on Billboard and iTunes, it was no surprise when Ateez’s second world tour in 2022 got sold out in a week with 95% of the tour getting sold out in minutes. Retitled ‘The Fellowship: Beginning of the End’, the second world tour is supposed to have a 3-day concert in Seoul before they head to USA in mid-January.

But with the cases of the new Covid-19 strain, Omicron rising in the new year, the world is once again implementing strict guidelines. And so, on January 7, Ateez announced that they have postponed the European leg of the tour. The new dates for the six stops – Amsterdam, London, Paris, Berlin, Warsaw and Madrid will be announced in the upcoming weeks. Those who want, can get a refund. With even the Grammys and other American events getting canceled, fans think even the American leg of Ateez’s tour will get postponed or canceled.

‘Will this ever end’

Fans were happy that health and safety were been given a priority but that didn’t stop them from getting frustrated with the pandemic. One Atiny shared, “... The whole European leg of Ateez world tour 2022 has been postponed... Again... Too many cases because of Omicron... Will this ever end?...” Another fan tweeted, “Ateez tour got postponed I'm actually happy not to disappoint the atinys that were about to go but for everyone health pls take all the precautions even when the dates are released again for the tour.” One added, “No.. coz Ateez is abt to start Seoul Concert tomorrow and US tour might get cancelled again because of c0r0na... i know you get deja vu 2020 too.”




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