Is Nic Kerdiles OK? 'Chrisley Knows Best' star threatens suicide, saved by ex and her dad

Is Nic Kerdiles OK? 'Chrisley Knows Best' star threatens suicide, saved by ex and her dad
Savannah Chrisley along with her dad and ex boyfriend Nic Kerdiles (Savannah Chrisley/ Instagram)

Reel life stars to Real life heroes! 'Chrisley Knows Best' cast member Nic Kerdiles -- who at one point was engaged to Savannah Chrisley -- is alive today because Todd Chrisley and his daughter Savannah arrived in the nick of time to save him from allegedly killing himself by suicide earlier this week.

The father-daughter duo made a panicky call to 911 on Monday night from outside a Nashville home, asking dispatchers "to rescue" a man who was holding a gun to his head.
Todd, whose recognizably accented voice is apparently heard on the tape, tells the operator that Kerdiles was suffering from a psychotic episode and was in the kitchen of the home in Nashville with a gun threatening to kill himself.

He says on the tape that Kerdiles "had the gun under his chin," but he had removed it by the time he called.


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A woman, who is referred to as Savannah, can be heard screaming in distress shortly after the start of the call. Todd can be heard calling her over before telling the operator that her ex has 'the gun to his head.'

"No! God! No! No!" the frantic voice screams repeatedly in the distance.

"Look at what you're doing to her," shouts the voice that sounds like Todd. Then he says they might need a medic, as Savannah had allegedly broken a window to get to Kerdiles and cut her hand in the process. "We have the gun now," he adds in the call.

The audio reportedly ends after Todd is heard saying that he has thrown the gun into the bushes, adding that Kerdiles needs to go to a hospital for treatment.

The whole incident was brought to light on Wednesday by the trio through an instagram video, where they revealed that the released audio tapes had their voices, and Kerdiles had attempted suicide by pointing the gun at his head.

They also confirmed that they made the call to 911, seeking emergency rescue and overall everything had ended well.

They were antagonistic about the reporting on the incident, and claimed that Kerdiles had recently contracted Covid-19, and the medication he was taking for it along with alcohol had played a part in the whole situation.

Referencing his daughter and Kerdiles former relationship, Todd said he didn't care if they were engaged or dating or just friends.

Todd also claimed that Kerdiles was taking a medication for baldness that could cause depression when paired with alcohol, which Kerdiles didn't dispute and which hopefully is the bitter truth!

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