'Chrisley Knows Best': Drug abuse to domestic violence, here's what Todd's son Kyle is up to

'Chrisley Knows Best': Drug abuse to domestic violence, here's what Todd's son Kyle is up to
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Season 8 Part 2 of 'Chrisley Knows Best' is back on television. USA Network's first family is back with their fun shenanigans and fans are excited as ever to receive their weekly dose of southern sass. For the unversed, the family, especially patriarch Todd Chrisley might make it seem like all's good in their universe, however, the family is in shambles after Todd and his wife Julie were indicted for tax evasion and wire fraud. They currently have 12 active federal charges against them and were to appear for a hearing in court in April this year which got postponed due to the coronavirus. For people who know Todd, they know he's flashy, however, he no longer seems to have his riches and his reported net worth is negative five million dollars. To top that his relationship with his daughter Lindsie from his ex-marriage to Teresa Terry isn't in the best place. Todd was also at odds with his troubled son Kyle (also from his ex-wife)who accused him of stealing his daughter Chloe for his own selfish gains. Chloe has been legally adopted by Todd and his wife Julie Chrisley when she was two. So what really happened between father-son duo Todd and Kyle?

For those who've been following the show since Season 1 premiered in 2014, there are chances that they might remember Kyle struggling with addiction. At the same time, he was trying to curb the habit and be better for the sake of his daughter Chloe, born in 2012. The season ended and Kyle's addiction returned and around the same time, Todd revealed that he no longer was in touch with the former and that all ties were severed. Kyle dealt with a lot of issues after that and had a number of charges allegations and charges leveled against him, including domestic violence allegations and drug use.

Kyle no longer appeared on the show and his reality TV days continue to be a thing of the past even today. Todd had sent him away to do volunteer work in Africa to deal with his drug problems. He also acquired full custody of Chloe (from his marriage to Angel Victoria Johnson) at the same time and Kyle hit back at him in an interview with Daily Mail, saying, "My dad showed no interest in Chloe at all until the show and until it was pointed out that having a mixed-race child and getting her and all that would be good for his demographic."

Kyle also said that he was dealing with substance use in a much better fashion, claiming he was drug-free and had entered a new phase of life after marrying his then-wife Alexus. Not one to keep hush about these allegations, Todd got on to Twitter to clarify. "My son Kyle is bipolar, he suffers from mental illness, he will struggle for life, Yes, the Daily mail prayed on this to sell a story," he wrote attempting to take down both Kyle and the media outlet in one sweep. 


Then came 2019, some might even call it a game-changing year for both Todd and Kyle. Firstly, the latter was charged with felony possession of methamphetamine in May 2019 as the police discovered a small bag of meth stashed away in his car. He was pulled over by police for a broken taillight but an inspection of his vehicle led to the drugs, which were hidden away in a cup, according to a Distractify report. 

At the time of his arrest for drugs, there was also an outstanding open warrant for him in Dekalb County, Georgia, after he had allegedly threatened to kill his estranged wife, Alexus Chrisley. In an affidavit obtained by TMZ, Alexus said that Kyle made the threats via message in January 2019. He allegedly wrote, "[N]ot before I end you. I'm going to the streets I will get my s--t and take care of this problem with you because if I'm not with you nobody will be. Bye Alexus." She responded "that’s a threat to my life," he reportedly replied, "yes, Lexi it was. Goodbye."

While not much is known about Alexus and Kyle's relationship, Todd for one never approved of this relationship. He even accused Alexus of blackmailing them and trying to extort money from them. "Folks, Alexus Whilby tried to extort our family 4 20k or tell the press we r racist, we chose 2 keep the 20k and see her in court. #slander," he tweeted in December 2014.


After been caught up in a storm with these domestic violence charges and being caught with drugs, Todd revealed that his son Kyle was hospitalized, in September 2019. The latter confirmed that he'd attempted suicide. This incident was enough to fill the gaps in their soured relationship and the two are no longer estranged. 

Among the other problems and blows that the family incurred last year, their tax indictment issue is probably the gravest and Kyle chose to stand strong with his family. In August 2019, he revealed that he'd support Todd and his stepmom Julie no matter the situation.

"My mom [Julie Chrisley] and dad raised me," he wrote in a Facebook post. "I haven’t been the best dad to Chloe, I’ve had a problem with drugs, I’ve acted completely ridiculous and through all that, they have stood by my side. Nine months ago, I went to my dad with an apology. His words were 'I love you always, and you are forgiven' and just like that, I was welcomed back into his life with open arms. I will be forever grateful for his love [and] graciousness." 

Kyle also took back his statements made during an interview with Good Morning America in 2017. He'd said that Todd would brag about never paying his taxes in that interview and Kyle revealed last year that he'd fabricated information in this as well as other negative interviews he'd done against his family. 

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