'Chrisley Knows Best': Chase schools his father Todd after he orders him to fire Elliott for sniffing him randomly

'Chrisley Knows Best': Chase schools his father Todd after he orders him to fire Elliott for sniffing him randomly
Chase Chrisley, Elliott Kennedy, Todd Chrisley (USA Network, Getty Images)

Elliott Kennedy, Chase Chrisley's best friend, has tried doing everything he can to be valuable to the Chrisley household. But Todd is slowly getting frustrated with his approach and "weirdness". It began with him complimenting Todd's wife Julie Chrisley. Elliott wouldn't stop praising her for the way her skin looked and how good she smelled. And that put Todd on the spot. He was right there listening to Elliott talk and couldn't help but be uncomfortable hearing another man getting friendly with Julie. 

In his confessional, he said he needed to get rid of Elliott for being "weird" and the fact that he's such a "kiss ass" but he didn't want to do the dirty work himself and so walked up to Chase hoping he would offer to deliver the message to him. But Chase schooled his father (Todd) instead, said: "You made the bed, now you must lay in it." Later, the siblings, Savannah and Chase, have a good time making fun of Todd behind his back for hiring Elliott. Savannah said it was fun seeing Todd ask Chase for help. 

Later, Todd gathered the courage to let Elliott know that his services were not needed while Julie made a pudding to soften the blow. The prep was unbelievable and made Chase giggle a little. However, when Elliott came looking for Chrisleys, Todd sat him down and told her that he was finding it difficult to keep him around and that his services would be better utilized in someplace else. When he couldn't gather what was going on, Chase yelled: "You're fired." Todd tried to manage the situation by saying that he felt a little weird being around Elliott because of how weird he has been. Elliott took it well. This isn't the first time he's being asked to let go. Even though Elliott is Chase's best friend, he had to fire Elliott from being his manager because he couldn't get him acting gigs. 

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