'Chrisley Knows Best': Todd and Chase get caught trespassing a residence they thought had a weed grow house

Todd hosted movie night and neighbors complained about it in an online forum. Then, Todd scoured the neighborhood to find dirt on anyone and everyone but he got caught

                            'Chrisley Knows Best': Todd and Chase get caught trespassing a residence they thought had a weed grow house
Todd and Chase Chrisley (USA Network)

Todd Chrisley and his prim, proper and suave son Chase got caught for their actions in the hilarious season premiere of 'Chrisley Knows Best' Season 8 Part 2. The pandemic had forced everyone to camp up inside their homes, and Todd decided to host a movie night for the family in his driveway to cheer everyone up. Some of the other residents in the neighborhood took offense to this and started to flood an online forum with complaints about the family and their big movie night. Not just that, they also demanded an apology from Todd for doing so. 

Not one to back down easily, Todd decided that he would not apologize at all. Instead, he hatched a plan of his own and decided to find dirt on the rest of the residents in the neighborhood. He drove around with his son Grayson, and daughter Chloe, looking for everything and anything suspicious. However, a garage garden of his neighbor Steve's house is what caught his eye. He was 100% sure that Steve was growing weed in his neighborhood and all he wanted to do now was take photos of his weed grow house, and upload it to the forum, in a bid for people to stop talking about his movie night. 

The next day, Todd forced his son Chase to come along and take photos of the weed garden. Chase had no will no tag along but had no choice but to accompany his father. Upon reaching the house, he warned Todd that the plants didn't look like weed but Todd was too occupied with executing his plan and was ready to risk trespassing private property. He tiptoed inside, camera ready to capture the contents inside the garage, the door to which was slightly open. He was just getting close when the door started to open completely and Todd scurried outside, running as his life depended on it. 

He was happy to not get caught, however, Julie took him to task asking what was he thinking walking into someone else's property. Todd denied at first but had to give up the gig as Julie pulled out her phone, and showed him the CCTV footage from Steve's yard that had captured him clearly. The video was uploaded to the forum making things worse. Todd and Chase had to bear the consequences of their actions. Both of them had their hands and feet muddy as they sat in Steve's garden, planting tomato saplings, while Julie and Steve enjoyed a tall glass of sweet tea. 

Todd and Chase - USA Network

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