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Aruna Khilanani slammed as 'neoracist' for touting critical race theory

Aruna Khilanani became infamous after saying in a Yale lecture that she has fantasies about shooting White people who get in her way
UPDATED JUN 20, 2021
Aruna Khilnani is facing criticism again (Instagram/aruna_khilanani)
Aruna Khilnani is facing criticism again (Instagram/aruna_khilanani)

Heavily criticized NYC psychiatrist Dr Aruna Khilanani is once again being subjected to social media fury after she tweeted in favor of the critical race theory to mark the celebrations of Juneteenth. This comes just a month after a lecture from April went viral on social media for Khilanani's explosive words against White people.

The lecture became infamous as the 'shoot Whites' Yale lecture triggering intense backlash against her, demanding the revoking of her license. After a video of the lecture went viral, Khilanani's private practice has permanently closed, reveal online listings. She tried defending her words claiming it was all 'exaggeration' purely meant for 'provocation', but social media was having none of it. The internet's fury over Khilanani's lecture saw people demanding she be provided mental help and kept on observation. But this time Khilanani has drawn backlash that accuses her of "fetishizing genocide".


Aruna Khilanani at it again, this time calls White people 'lying psychopaths'

Was Aruna Khilanani's Yale lecture hate speech? Internet says yes but the law doesn't think so

Taking it to Twitter, Khilanani wrote on June 19, "Om. Happy Juneteenth! Work on race needs to be both symbolic and followed in action. We need to teach critical race theory in schools. I learned critical race theory in my masters degree at the University of Chicago. It was invaluable and changed the way I saw the world." Khilanani's celebrations were to mark the date of June 19, when the last slaves were emancipated in 1886. The day used to be widely celebrated with rodeos, street fairs, cookouts and the likes until 2021 when the US government named Juneteenth a national holiday. 

There's been ample debate surrounding making the day an official holiday, and enough light surrounding the same has been shed on including CRT in school syllabus. The ongoing debate on CRT was spiked with President Joe Biden disassembling the 1776 Commision on his first day in office, and two months later, the Biden administration's Education Department announced federal grants for diverse perspectives will be prioritized. Addressing the importance of CRT, Khilanani tried to urge her followers to educate themselves on the niche of the matter, but ultimately, things backfired. 


The reply section was filled with comments slamming the psychiatrist for being 'hypocritical'. "'Changed the way you saw the world' we know…it made you start fetishizing genocide, that’s all the CRT we need to know crazy lady," wrote one user. Another chimed in: "The paradox of hating White people and preaching anti-racism. You’re the consumate neoracist. Congrats!"

Some noted: "AMERICA is celebrating Juneteenth, We are unequivocally REJECTING neorascim in our children's schools, we don't want YOU changing our children into racist hateful marxist..take your divisive, demoralizing rhetoric back to hell where it came from." Others also argued, "Why would we teach something that clearly turned you into a racist who believes all whites people are psychopaths and actively dreams about killing white people. You should be fired and canceled on tbh." Some raised alarm against CRT, tweeting: "This psycho proves how bad CRT is look what it did to her." Others asked Khilanani to leave altogether, tweeting: "Hypocrite, go and lose yourself somewhere and leave the rest of us to get along just fine."