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ARMY creates BTS' Jimin memes amid Instagram outage: 'Thanks for fixing internet'

'The world could enter a nuclear fallout and we would still see Jimin trending #1 worldwide,' shared a user in 2019
Jimin trends during the social media outage (@bts.bighitofficial/Instagram)
Jimin trends during the social media outage (@bts.bighitofficial/Instagram)

On Monday, October 4, several social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram stopped working for a while. This sudden social media outage had netizens wondering if their network providers or devices were not working. Everyone flocked to Twitter to check about the issue. It turns out that the partial blackout was due to a whistleblower that made Mark Zuckerberg lose millions. And while local netizens impatiently waited for the matter to be solved, ARMY turned to BTS’ Jimin to make memes.

BTS’ fans had the most hilarious response to the social media outage. While others were exasperated, ARMY decided to pass the time on Twitter by making memes and posts on Jimin. It first began when a tweet from 2019 was brought back. User aksel had tweeted on February 14, 2019, “The world could enter a nuclear fallout and we would still see Jimin trending #1 worldwide.” And ARMY decided to run with this joke.

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BTS’ Jimin trends during social media outage

Whether the Twitter user is a fan of Jimin or not, ARMY found his tweet hilarious as that is exactly what happened. While thankfully we did not experience a nuclear fallout, fans ended up trending BTS' Jimin as they made memes when Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram were down. It was also partly because fans were celebrating as October happens to be Jimin’s month with his birthday on October 13. And even the OP (original poster) was surprised when his 2019 tweet started trending, “I see.”


Some of the hilarious memes that fans made that got Jimin trending were, “Jimin Jimin is on his way,” “Everyone lets start now JIMIN JIMIN,” and “Friend sad? here comes JIMIN JIMIN.” One added, “Thank you Jimin for fixing the internet. You are not called the IT boy for no reason!” Another commented, “The world currently having a social media meltdown right now * Also the world trying to pass the time: JIMIN JIMIN.” Another Twitter user tried to predict the future like OP, “We could be in world war 3 but army would find a way to keep jimin trending.”







The aftermath of 'Jimin Jimin'

And these were the responses as locals and ARMY realized that 'Jimin Jimin' had ended up actually trending due to the social media outage, “Only JIMIN JIMIN can fix everyone's problems,” “Jimin took over Worldwide trends & across the world as the one and only Trending Emperor!” and “So let me proudly inform you that, Last night Twitter recorded the most active users ever and JIMIN JIMIN was trending on #1 at Worldwide trends with over 1.2 million tweets.” Another added, “JIMIN JIMIN and SUGA SUGA brought the apps back I see :").” One shared, “Trending: JIMIN JIMIN jimin be like—what happened?”