ARMY on Air: How to take part in BTS Live Muster Concert, application dates and eligibility to be on screen

ARMY on Air is here to bridge the gap between BTS and ARMY through a virtual screen

                            ARMY on Air: How to take part in BTS Live Muster Concert, application dates and eligibility to be on screen
BTS Festa Muster concert will have ARMY on LED screen (Weverse)

BTS ARMY can be a part of BTS' new Muster concert to be featured live on screen with Bangtan Boys. The South Korean Grammy-nominated music group has confessed time and again since last year about how much they miss performing in front of ARMY, and ARMY on Air project is here to bridge the gap.

According to the announcement, all the winning applicants of ARMY on Air will be featured on an LED screen right beside BTS as they perform for their BTS Muster on June 13 and 14. To know how to apply, where to apply, the eligibility criteria and practice dates, read on.


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ARMY on Air

According to Weverse, "ARMY on Air is an event where ARMY enjoying the MUSTER will be shown through the LED screens on site of the MUSTER during the BTS 2021 MUSTER SOWOOZOO Live Streaming. BTS will see on the stage how ARMY is enjoying the show in the comfort of your chosen location, and you will be part of the MUSTER alongside BTS."


To take part in ARMY on Air, the fans must have BTS GLOBAL OFFICIAL FANCLUB ARMY Membership and must have purchased BTS 2021 MUSTER SOWOOZOO Live Streaming tickets. The membership has to be valid till the day fans are joining the concert.

BTS Muster concert for BTS Festa will feature ARMY (Weverse)

How to apply

After purchasing the tickets for the Muster concert, open Weverse and check the list of winners. Participation instructions will be sent to ARMY email accounts individually. Each participant has to attend all the rehearsals, failing which their application will be canceled. After the rehearsals, participate in ARMY on Air. In short, Apply (Weverse) > Check Winners (Weverse) > Participation Instruction (sent individually via email) > Participate in the Rehearsal > Participate in ARMY on Air.


Date and time

Application period

From 14:00 Friday, June 4, 2021 to 23:59 Sunday, June 6, 2021 (KST) ARMY can apply for live participation. 

Rehearsal Schedule

All participants must take part in the mandatory rehearsal on June 11, 2021. Details like time and other updates will be sent to the participant's mail.

Winners announcement

On June 8, Tuesday, at 6 PM KST, please check the "BTS Event Applications" page at the hamburger button on the top right-hand corner of 'BTS Weverse' page for the winner announcement.

BTS Festa opening ceremony pictures for 2021 (Weverse)


To successfully take part in ARMY on air, Weverse has added all the necessary guidelines. Take a look at them below:

1. ARMY on Air participants will be shown on LED screens during the live streaming. BTS will be seeing ARMY through these screens.

2. The face and voice of the fans may be telecast during the live streaming. So the applicants should remember if they do not consent to being on air and being recorded during the live streaming, they are advised not to apply for the Muster concert.

3. All individuals' faces and voices must be exposed when participating in ARMY on Air. If they are not visible or their voice cannot be heard, they may be disqualified from the event.

4. Only the winner of the event can participate in ARMY on Air. If someone other than the winner appears in the video, they will be disconnected from the event without warning.

5. If any fan engages in inappropriate language or behavior during the event, they will be disconnected including the rehearsal and the show. If a fan is not available, they will be disqualified from the event.

6. Participants must take part in every process of ARMY on Air, including the rehearsal and the show. If they are not available, the individual will likely be disqualified from the Muster concert.

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