Are Mike and Stephanie still together? Inside 'I Love A Mama's Boy' stars' romance

So did Mike and Stephanie survive Liz's scheming? Well, it looks like it

                            Are Mike and Stephanie still together? Inside 'I Love A Mama's Boy' stars' romance
'I Love A Mama's Boy' stars Liz Micale, her son Mike Boornazian, and his girlfriend Stephanie Ressler (TLC)

When Stephanie Ressler and Mike Boornazian met each other, they immediately hit it off. The couple was so head over heels in love with each other that they wasted no time in taking their relationship to the next level- moving in together. Although Stephanie and Mike are crazy about each other, their relationship has been anything but easy ever since they moved in together, thanks to Mike's mom Liz Micale. 

Although Stephanie always knew that her boyfriend was a mama's boy she didn't realize the full extent of Mike's devotion towards Liz. From falling asleep to Mike talking to his mother on phone to waking up to her call, or even Liz randomly getting into their apartment to clean it and bring home-cooked food for Mike, Liz leaves no stone unturned to show how much she loves her son. Mike too has an immense amount of love for his mother that would definitely make Sigmund Freud grin from ear to ear. Stephanie and Mike are all set to return for season 2 of 'I Love A Mama's Boy' alongside Emily, Shekeb, and Mom Laila, Kim, Matt, and Mom Kelly, Stephanie, Mike, and Mom Liz, alongside two new overbearing mothers. The previous season ended on a very intense note for Mike and Stephanie. 


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Are 'I Love A Mama's Boy' stars Mike and Stephanie still together?

Despite Liz and Mike's strong attachment to each other, Stephanie was still determined to not only win Liz's heart but also become the number one woman in Mike's life. Stephanie landed a job in Los Angeles and wants Mike to move with her. Although Mike is interested in following Stephanie as he believes that he might get better opportunities for his modeling career in LA, there's just one obstacle in their way- Liz.

When the couple told Liz about their big plans, she had an epic-level meltdown. She came up with a plan to prevent Mike from leaving with Stephanie. She suggested that Stephanie first go to LA and scout the place, and Mike would eventually follow her. In her green room interview, Liz gleefully revealed that she would never let Mike leave her. So, clearly, there's trouble in paradise. Even the press release for season 4 hints at it.  "Stephanie and Mike are at a fork in the road. Stephanie wants to go one way to follow her dreams, while Liz is waving Mike over in the opposite direction to plant roots close to her. Their bond may not be strong enough to survive Liz, as her meddling and bad advice may finally pull these two apart for good," reads the release.

So did Mike and Stephanie survive Liz's scheming? Well, it looks like it. According to Mike and Stephanie's social media posts, the couple still seems to be together and going strong. Earlier this year in April, Mike posted a photo of Stephanie and him to celebrate their three-year anniversary, "It was only right i posted a #TBT.... from then to now. Through all the highs and lows. Happy 3 years ❤️," he wrote in the caption. Stephanie and Mike regularly like each other's pictures and leave flirty comments too. So, everything seems to have worked out for Mike and Stephanie. 



So what about Liz and Mike you ask. Well, it looks like things are fine on that front too. Mike posted a sweet Mother's Day tribute for Liz on his Instagram where he called her his 'best friend'. "How many people can call their mom ‘best friend’ and ‘co-star’ !? 😂 shoutout to Liz for keeping America fired up and for giving birth to the biggest stud I know 😌😉😂❤️❤️ love you forever, Happy Mother’s Day!!!," he shared.

'I Love A Mama's Boy' Season 2 premieres on Sunday, August 29th at 10 PM ET/PT on TLC.

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