'I Love A Mama's Boy': Liz stops Mike from proposing to Stephanie, fans say 'Mama go get a life'

Liz decides to confront Mike about Stephanie while hinting that a proposal should wait

                            'I Love A Mama's Boy': Liz stops Mike from proposing to Stephanie, fans say 'Mama go get a life'
Liz and Mike (TLC)

Mike and Liz have always shared a close bond with each other and the two seemed inseparable. However, things changed when Mike started dating Stephanie. Mike and Stephanie met at their workplace and from there, their friendship blossomed into a relationship. 

While Mike is happy with the relationship he has, Liz has her doubts. She has not given up on a moment where she can prove to Mike that he should wait to get married to Stephanie. In the preview for the November 16th episode, Mike was quick to tell his mother how excited he was to go on a ski trip with Stephanie. The pair had planned a one-week getaway where they could enjoy the snow and some skiing. Stephanie and Mike admitted they were looking forward to the change but Liz thought it was a bad idea. She told Mike how skiing can be dangerous. Mike tried to justify his actions stating he was old enough to make his decisions. 

At the same time, Liz brought up the topic of Mike asking Stephanie to marry him. She decided to come straight to the point and admitted that Stephanie was not a good fit for him. However, Mike reminded his mother how she has had two failed marriages and is not in a good position to advise someone on marriage. He further added that the feeling he gets being with Stephanie is unlike what he has witnessed before. Mike also reflected on how he is being pulled in two different directions because of the women in his life. He pointed out how Stephanie wants him to do one thing while his mother, another. 

The conversation ended with Mike hinting that he would choose Stephanie to spend his life with but Liz seemed uncertain about it. Fans were quick to react to this as one wrote, "Mama go get a life and let him have his..." "So sick! I wanted my son to get married and be happy. His wife should come first! Children grow up and leave their parents. That is how life should be," said another. 

"She is just hands down too much. He is a 26-year-old man and she won’t even let him choose his own food. I [email protected] she thinks he needs to be in a bubble," read another comment. 

'I Love A Mama's Boy' airs on Sundays at 10 pm ET on TLC. 

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