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Are Gizelle Bryant and Jason Cameron dating? Bravo stars' 'romantic' dinner date sparks rumors

A fan called Bravo stars Gizelle Bryant and Jason Cameron's alleged romantic date a 'PR stunt'
'RHOP' star Gizelle Bryant and 'Winter House' star Jason Cameron (Instagram/@jasoncameron13/@gizellebryant)
'RHOP' star Gizelle Bryant and 'Winter House' star Jason Cameron (Instagram/@jasoncameron13/@gizellebryant)

POTOMAC, MARYLAND: 'Real Housewives of Potomac' star Gizelle Bryant has recently been spotted on a date with 'Winer House' star Jason Cameron. Both were captured having dinner in a cozy restaurant Well, the kind of setup they were in made it seem as if they were allegedly romantically involved.

'RHOP' star Bryant and 'Winter House' star Cameron were spotted together by Bravo and Cocktails. Bryant sitting on one side of the table was wearing a black off-shoulder dress. Her open hair flaunted the blonde curls. On the other hand, Cameron was spotted donning a grey colored t-shirt. Both of them were seen sitting on the corner table and chit-chatting with each other. 


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Bravo tea page Taste of Reality shared the image of Bryant and Cameron having dinner in a romantic set up together. The outlet captioned the image, "Well, Ashley and Luke didn’t pan out, but maybe there will be some good luck for Gizelle and Jason! The #RHOP beauty was seen having dinner with #WinterHouse‘s Jason Cameron." 

Seeing Cameron and Bryant enjoying their alone time together, a fan commented, "Jason is awesome!!! Not with her though....." Another claimed, "He's 36 she's 52. Nothing to see people. Unless you're a fly on the Hilton wall." On the other hand, a fan hinted that there might not be going anything between Bryant and Cameron because "He has been seen with multiple housewives at this point. I feel like he’s just TRYING to stay relevant!!!!!" A fan called it, a "PR stunt." Another acted shocked saying, "Wow!!! That’s a bit of an age gap."


A fan commented on Bryant and Cameron's date, "Ohhh laaawdy, if it’s romantic, my first thought is she would chew him up and spit him out. He’s sooo sweet and passive. But you never know, maybe that’s what each of them needs for a good balance. All I know is he deserves a really really good, kind, loving woman. Maybe he could bring that out in her." A fan questioned their major age gap, "Ugh ain’t she about 20 years his senior geeeeeeeeeeeesh!!" Another claimed, "He likes older women." 

'Real Housewives of Potomac' airs every Sunday at 8/7c on Bravo, and is available for streaming on Peacock.

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