Does Gizelle Bryant have STD? Karen Huger claims 'RHOP' star's 'hot box' makes men run away

The 'time heals everything' adage definitely doesn't apply to the ongoing cold war between Karen and Gizelle

                            Does Gizelle Bryant have STD? Karen Huger claims 'RHOP' star's 'hot box' makes men run away
'Real Housewives of Potomac' stars Gizelle Bryant and Karen Huger (Bravo)

The 'Real Housewives of Potomac' ladies are managing to drum up juicy drama despite Monique Samuels' absence. If you thought season 6 of 'RHOP' might get boring or monotonous without Monique and her uncanny ability to stir up drama, then you might want to reconsider your views. The Potomac housewives wasted no time in delivering the drama that we all yearn to see on the premiere episode itself. 

Wendy Osefo wanted to show off her new breasts to the ladies, so she decided to throw a "nude interlude" party for the ladies. While Wendy was hoping for her twins to be the star of the show, unfortunately, OG housewives Gizelle Bryant and Karen Huger ended up stealing the show. The previous season ended with Karen and Gizelle locking horns after the Grand Dame alluded that Gizelle's rekindled relationship with her ex-husband Jamal Bryant might be fake and also accused her pastor ex-husband of having affairs and having a baby with some other woman while he was still seeing Gizelle. 


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Does Gizelle Bryant have STD?

The 'time heals everything' adage definitely doesn't apply to the ongoing cold war between Karen and Gizelle. As the housewives picked off from right where they left things in season 5. Both Karen and Gizelle realized that they can never be friends and there's no hope for reconciliation ever. So, they decided they wouldn't hold back and its 'claws out' time now.

At the party, Wendy expressed the hope for all of them to get along with each other at least as a group. While everybody nodded their heads in agreement, Gizelle immediately chimed in and clarified that would never happen, and pointed out that she can't stand Karen. The Grand Dame too expressed the same feelings and said even she can't stand Gizelle. Soon the party went from 0 to 100, when both the OG housewives began throwing low-blows at each other.

Gizelle kicked off by saying that she has a lot of dirt on her co-star, and nonchalantly began accusing Karen of cheating, financial troubles, among other things. Karen warned Gizelle to keep quiet, but the 50-year-old star was feeling rather feisty so she continued to throw shade. Karen finally spoke up and accused her co-star of having a 'fiery box'. The Grand Dame revealed, "You wanna talk about your fiery box?" A puzzled Wendy asked Karen what we all were thinking if the Grand Dame was referring to Gizelle's "coochie". Karen says yes, and continues to call Gizelle's vagina a "hot box" that causes fire due to which she can't keep any men and they run away from her. Karen alluding to Gizelle having STD caught everybody's attention.




Fans were quick to react to the drama. "the moment gizelle said its better to have a hot box than a dry box... omg yes gizelle for these win @GizelleBryant" tweeted a fan. "Love me some @GizelleBryant no matter what is thrown at her she gonna handle it like a boss with a smile #RHOP" added another. 

"She’s obsessed with my coochie cause the ding dong at her house is broken." Bitchhhhhhh  #gizellebryant #RHOP" added a fan."Regardless of you prefer, I'm sure we can all agree Gizelle and Karen always understand the assignment! They are BOTH needed; The Queen and The First Lady. #RHOP #GizelleBryant #KarenHuger" tweeted a fan.









We will just have to wait for Gizelle to confirm or refute the claim that she has STDs. Irrespective of whether Gizelle has it or not, the Grand Dame definitely knows how to throw shade most savagely at her opponents.

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