What is Gizelle Bryant's net worth? 'RHOP' star divorced Jamal Bryant over finances

It looks like Gizelle is a shady but smart housewife when it comes to finances

                            What is Gizelle Bryant's net worth? 'RHOP' star divorced Jamal Bryant over finances
'RHOP' Star Gizelle Bryant (Bravo)

The Queen of Shade aka Gizelle Bryant has never shied away from discussing her co-stars' lives on-camera, especially about their finances. From taking jabs at Karen Huger and her husband Ray Huger's tax issues to dubbing Candiace Bassett's then-fiance (currently husband) Chris Bassett as 'broke', the 'Real Housewives of Potomac' star definitely had a lot to say about her co-stars.

But during the season 6 reunion of 'RHOP' when the topic of her ex-husband Jamal Bryant and his tax issues was brought up, Gizelle wasted no time in shutting down the discussion. The reunion's host Andy Cohen mentioned reading about the megachurch pastor owing $800,000 in back taxes to the government, and asked the housewife to weigh in on it, Gizelle immediately responded saying it had nothing to do with her. The housewife pointed out that since she isn't married to Jamal she has no say in it and didn't seem interested in continuing the conversation.

However, her fellow housewife Karen chipped in with her two cents. Karen advised Gizelle to get a lawyer and to sort things out so that she wouldn't get into any trouble due to her ex-husband's legal issues. Gizelle shut down Karen by saying since they were divorced his tax issues can't be pinned on her. Karen however points out that the couple were actually married in 2008, so the government could come after her for that particular year. Gizelle was in mood to hear put anybody's suggestions and shut everyone down by saying she paid all her taxes and even has her own home and that Jamal's financial issues weren't her concern! After watching Gizelle's awkward response to Jamal's finances if you're curious about the housewife's net worth, then we got you covered.


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What is Gizelle Bryant's net worth?

Celebrity Net Worth estimated Gizelle's net worth to be around $4 Million. Before becoming a household name, thanks to her stint on Bravo's hit 'RHOP', Gizelle led an extremely interesting life. The reality star graduated from Hampton University and went on to marry megachurch pastor Jamal Bryant. She lived in Baltimore with her three daughters and Jamal until their marriage fell apart. After their split, Gizelle moved to Potomac, and began focussing on raising her three daughters. She also worked with the Birmingham, Alabama city council to raise funds for charities.

On an episode of her podcast 'Reasonably Shady', Gizelle revealed that an argument over finances was one of the reasons behind her divorce from Jamal. She explained, "It was a fight over money and I will never, ever do that to myself again." The housewife also revealed that she didn't have a prenup while marrying Jamal, and that they worked together to build their fortune. The housewife however advised her listeners and young women to always sign a prenup. "Ladies ... I don't care if you got $5 and he has $17, don't you ever get married without a prenup. If, and when you get a divorce, you want to protect yourself."

In 2016, Gizelle launched her own makeup line called EveryHue Beauty with the goal of creating makeup products for women of color. Gizelle has invested her money into buying a beautiful home for her family. In an interview with Bravo, the housewife said, "We landed on a little more than [$900,000] — I saved. And you know I like to keep all of my coins." It looks like Gizelle is a shady but smart housewife when it comes to finances. With Bravo cheques and her podcast, the housewife's net worth is only bound to grow.

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