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Is ex-A-Jax member Yunyoung dating April's Naeun? Fans speculate after his support against bullying allegations

Fans have spotted an Instagram post that the former A-Jax member shared in support of April members in the face of bullying allegations, and believe it to be 'Lovestagram'
A picture of Yunyoung and April's Naeun shared by the former (Instagram/2yoooung)
A picture of Yunyoung and April's Naeun shared by the former (Instagram/2yoooung)

On Monday, March 1, fans of A-Jax and April were in for a surprise after they spotted an Instagram post by A-Jax's Yunyoung in support of April. This was posted after members of April were embroiled in bullying allegations that halted many K-pop idols including Straykids' Hyujin's singing career.

This Instagram post, which isn't new but something that fans have found interesting read, "Busy Naeun, who probably would be my younger sister. Please love and support April! Fineapple is the best!!!" as translated by Allkpop. This was posted along with pictures of Naeun and himself.


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Fans of Naeun and Yunyoung have been sharing screenshots after having noticed how the first letters of his four-line post may hold a secret message to Naeun. The first Korean character of each line when read together read, 'She is mine' which was also read as, 'It is mine' by many. This resulted in quite a few reactions on one particular online community that speculated about the relationship between the two of them. 

A post uploaded by A-Jax member Yunyoung on Instagram. (Instagram/2yoooung)

This post resulted in many speculating that this was Yunyoung's 'Lovestagram' for Naeun, but he couldn't hide it from his eagle-eyed fans. It was also noticed that on the same day Yunyoung posted this, the two of them also posted pictures from the same place and this made many wonder if the two were really close friends or lovers. 

Earlier in the year, members of April were accused of bullying their bandmate Hyunjoo by one of Hyunjoo's friend. At this time, Yunyoung had claimed that there was no truth to the claims. "I'm so upset, so I'll just lay out the facts. Everyone, how objectively do you say things when talking to your friends? People automatically end up saying only their side instead of objectively laying out both sides when you're ranting to friends. Hyunjoo was probably upset because things didn't go her way. But the [April members] had it worse. Hyunjoo, sorry, but I gotta say what I gotta say. Because of you, I feel so bad for my girls..." he said. 

Yunyooung posted this picture on his social media site with April's Naeun. (Instagram/2yoooung)

This friend had posted multiple allegations against all other members of the band in which Naeun was also accused. The friend claimed, "Hyunjoo finds her tumbler which was a gift from her grandmother in the company's fridge. Turns out Naeun put Chungookjang in her tumbler and left it in the fridge for months." Another allegation stated, "Naeun took Hyunjoo's sneakers and claimed it was hers. She didn't apologize after Hyunjoo proved it was actually hers by showing her name on the shoe."

Hyunjoo had attempted to die by suicide, which resulted in the members of the band claiming that they were reflecting on their action.