Apple TV+'s 'Drops of God' Episode 1 turns wine tasting into test to win Alexandre Leger's $100 million inheritance

Apple TV+'s 'Drops of God' Episode 1 turns wine tasting into test to win Alexandre Leger's $100 million inheritance
Fleur Geffrier as Camille in 'Drops of God' (Apple TV+)

Spoilers for 'Drops of God' Episode 1

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Apple TV+ has been creating its own pathway to bring great content to the world in a cut-throat streaming service war. The newest show that brings freshness to the drama genre is 'Drops of God'. The show is a multilingual series with some parts in French, some in Japanese, and some, in English. To put it simply, the show is about wine. Everything there is to know about wine is presented in the series. Although, episode one starts with watching snobby millionaires live their best lives while tasting wine, the series has much more to offer. According to the show's perception, wine is a poetic nectar, and the process of creating it is pure art. 

The idea for the show is taken from a manga series of the same name, It is created and written by Tadashi Agi, a pseudonym taken by creative team of sister and brother Yuko and Shin Kibayashi, with artwork by Shu Okimoto.


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A wine collection legacy

Episode 1 of 'Drops of God' starts with the story of a little girl, Fleur Geffrier's Camille Leger, whose father teaches her the world of wine. She is seen guessing each ingredient and also suffered childhood trauma because of that. When the flashback ends, Camille is an adult who has written her own book and is at a party. She is an author and doesn't indulge in alcohol after a particular traumatic experience. But things change when she gets a call from her ailing father, who needs her by his side. Camille flies to Japan to meet his father, but upon arrival she realizes that he has passed away. The story begins for Camille from that point on and narrates the story of wine, legacy and past traumas.


A wine tasting test with a side of drama

When world-renowned wine aficionado Alexandre Leger (Stanley Weber) dies, he leaves behind an incredible inheritance: a cellar packed with 87,000 bottles, widely believed to be the most important private collection in the world and worth upward of $100 million. But instead of just giving it away, he creates a three-step competition to make sure God's nectar finds the right home. Only two people are allowed to participate in the dramatic inheritance game, Alexandre’s distanced daughter, Camille, whom he had trained from a young age to have a polished palate, and his apprentice, Issei (Tomohisa Yamashita), one of the most promising wine minds around, and his "spiritual son". The competition is tough, on one side there is Camille, who thinks the inheritance is rightfully hers, and on the other side, there's Issei, who knows the world of wine and believes in the concept of the right one winning the dramatic game.

'Drops of God' is now exclusively available to watch on Apple TV+.

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 Apple TV+'s 'Drops of God' Episode 1 turns wine tasting into test to win $100 million inheritance