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'Animal Kingdom' Season 6 Episode 10: Is Pope okay? Prison inmates stab him and show how vulnerable he is

Even though people fear Pope in the outside world, things are quite different inside the prison
Shawn Hatosy as Andrew "POPE" Cody in 'Animal Kingdom' Season 6 (TNT)
Shawn Hatosy as Andrew "POPE" Cody in 'Animal Kingdom' Season 6 (TNT)

The Cody Family is known for getting out of situations that people can only think of and that happens because every member of the Cody family stands up for each other. However, Pope’s confession to Catherine’s murder in last week’s episode has made things worse for them. With Smurf dead and Pope inside the prison, their enemies are now coming after the remaining members of the family. Although Craig, Deran, and J are perfectly capable of handling the business, Pope’s unavailability can turn things around. Everyone used to be afraid of him because of his twisted mind and that’s why the Cody Family was able to run things smoothly.

But these are testing times for the people outside the prison and they need to find a way to get Pope (Shawn Hastosy) out. Meanwhile, things inside the prison are also not looking good at all. His first morning behind the bars started on a good note because he found people who will keep an eye on him till the time he stays there. But Pope has only been a lone wolf and wants to deal with things alone. So, he tells those people that he doesn’t need them and they should back away. As soon as they, a group of inmates stab him with something and run away. Pope is left reeling on the ground and as things start to get intense for Smurf’s favorite child.


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As a good brother, Deran comes to the prison to meet him and tells him that the lawyers are working on getting a trial. Pope says no to trial, but Deran tells him that they need this to prove that the police and Detective Thompson did not follow protocols during the interrogation. On the other hand, Pope made it clear that they should remain away from Amy Wheeler and not include her in all this s**t because he knows that the police threatened her. He walked away from the conversation and told Deran to not come here again.

Jake Weary (Deran) & Shawn Hatosy (Pope) in 'Animal Kingdom' Season 6 (TNT)
Jake Weary (Deran) & Shawn Hatosy (Pope) in 'Animal Kingdom' Season 6 (TNT)

Pope knows what’s at stake here and if they go to trial, a lot of things from the past might come in public and that might be really brutal for the entire family. However, the trial is the only way they can prove that Detective Thompson was wrong in not having Pope’s lawyer during the interrogation. But it seems the Codys have something else in their minds and they are going to do something that has never been done before.

Craig believes that it’s impossible to get Pope out if they go to the trial and the only way to get him back is if they get him out by using a perfect strategy. Although J is a little skeptical about the plan at first, he joins in because he knows that Pope would do the same. Now, let’s see if they are able to do that or not.

Pope (Shawn Hatosy), Craig (Ben Robson), Deran (Jake Weary), and Joshua (Finn Cole) in 'Animal Kingdom' (TNT)
Pope (Shawn Hatosy), Craig (Ben Robson), Deran (Jake Weary), and Joshua (Finn Cole) in 'Animal Kingdom' (TNT)

‘Animal Kingdom’ Season 6 returns to TNT with a new episode every Sunday night at 9 PM EST.