'An Ice Wine Christmas' Review: Uninteresting yet full of Christmas spirit

Camila returns to Evergreen only to find that her treasured ice wine's way of creation may undergo some modern changes

                            'An Ice Wine Christmas' Review: Uninteresting yet full of Christmas spirit
Roselyn Sanchez and Lyriq Bent in 'An Ice Wine Christmas' (Lifetime)

Spoilers for 'An Ice Wine Christmas' 

If you are feeling the Christmas vibes then tune into Lifetime right now to catch 'An Ice Wine Christmas'. The movie is the latest addition to the channel's slew of Christmas movies and it looks very pretty indeed. 

'An Ice Wine Christmas' stars Roselyn Sanchez and Lyriq Bent in the leads and will follow their characters who'll show us what exactly is ice wine and the intricate methods that go behind its creation. So wear your warmest sweaters, grab a hot cup of cocoa, and tuck into the movie to experience the magic. But before that read on to know what we thought of the Christmas watch.


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'An Ice Wine Christmas' introduces us to expert wine connoisseur Camila (Roselyn Sanchez) who before coming home for the allured Ice Wine festival gets offered a job to be the head connoisseur of her boss' four restaurants. On returning to her hometown she finds a new addition to the usual gang in the form of Declan (Lyriq Bent ), a wine expert and analogist who has been roped in by her mentor Henry (Richard Fitzpatrick) to help harvest grapes for the special ice wine. Camila finds that changes in the ways of making ice wine are being discussed with her firmly against it and what follows is her endeavors to preserve the magic of her beloved ice wine.

A still from 'An Ice Wine Christmas' (Lifetime)

Now let's be honest, when you go into a Lifetime movie you're not expecting to be wowed by the story or its originality. But Lifetime strikes where it should - the heart. The movies are aimed to be feel-good albeit extremely familiar and that's exactly what 'An Ice Wine Christmas' does'. A girl set on preserving her ways and a guy who's here to reinvent, this is a story of opposite ideologies with the same shared love for wine.

Roselyn Sanchez is charming in the flick and her match with Richard Fitzpatrick is well made. The movie although filled with all things beautifully Christmas from the small town and their festival to the tradition of wrapping gifts in your pajamas falls a bit short of a story. While we are made to understand the importance and specialty of the process of making ice wine, that is all the movie majorly focuses on. Sure, it is quite interesting to hear how it's made we are not sure if we like the lengthy explanation. But if we take into consideration the movie's name it's apt as we see Camila and Declan bond over their love for wine. Now although we were promised love in the story, it comes at the very end and is kind of unexpected and let us tell you why.

The duration of the film does show Camila and Declan growing closer as they share their stories, problems, love for wine, and more, but it felt more like a blooming friendship rather than a love story. But hey, they got a happy end and we guess that's all that matters.

Roselyn Sanchez as Camila in 'An Ice Wine Christmas' (Lifetime)

'An Ice Wine Christmas' is a beautiful but boring watch as after a while the Christmas glory is all that the movie showcases along with its 'Christmas In A Bottle' ice wine. But if you're in the mood for small-town Christmas magic then the movie will perfectly suit your taste.

'An Ice Wine Christmas' is now streaming on Lifetime.

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