'An Ice Wine Christmas': 5 things you need to know about the Lifetime movie

'An Ice Wine Christmas': 5 things you need to know about the Lifetime movie
Roselyn Sanchez and Lyriq Brent in 'An Ice Wine Christmas' (IMDb)

Lifetime's Christmas special, 'An Ice Wine Christmas' is produced by Cineflix Media in association with Wishing Floor Films. The movie follows Camila (played by Roselyn Sanchez) visiting the vineyards of Evergreen in New York, as she wishes to participate in the town's Ice Wine Christmas Festival that takes place during this time and making a connection with Declan, a wine specialist, like never before! 


As Camila spends time with her mother and sister, Beth (played by AnnaMaria Demara), Beth hires Declan (played by Lyriq Bent), who plans on heading their local winery business hereon. Will something blossom between the two or is Camila just barking up the wrong tree? Stay tuned to find out! The movie It is executive produced by Danielle von Zerneck, Jeff Vanderwal, Sherri Rufh & Charles Tremayne, with Jill Carter directing from a script written by Kelly Fullerton.



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When does 'An Ice Wine Christmas' release and where can you watch it?

'An Ice Wine Christmas' releases on November 12, 2021, on Lifetime. 

What is 'An Ice WIne Christmas' all about?

'An Ice Wine Christmas' walks us through the story of Camila, who visits her hometown of New York for some much-needed family time, only to have her heart set on a certain someone that she just met.

Who stars in the Lifetime movie? 

Roselyn Sanchez as Camila 

Roselyn Sanchez is a Puerto Rican actress and writer, known for her work on 'Act of Valor', 'Rush Hour 2', and 'Without a Trace'. At 21, Sanchez moved to New York City to take up dancing, acting, and singing classes. She was a model for the Puerto Rican comedy show, 'Que Vacilon!', in the mid-1990s. Sanchez was also Miss Puerto Rico Petite in 1993 and won the international title of Miss America Petite, the following year! As of 2008, she is married to Eric Winter, with whom she has two children. 



The rest of the cast includes Lyriq Bent as Declan and AnnaMaria Demara as Beth. 



The director of the movie is Jill Carter and the writer is Kelly Fullerton


We're yet to see a trailer of the movie but stay tuned for more!

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