'A Christmas Treasure': 5 things you need to know about the Hallmark movie

'A Christmas Treasure': 5 things you need to know about the Hallmark movie
Michael Xavier and Jordin Sparks Thomas in 'A Christmas Treasure' (IMDb)

On this holiday season, nothing is better than to stay in and watch a family movie or sit by the fireplace to catch up on some Christmas-themed TV shows with your loved ones. The season of snowy days, shopping for presents, unwinding with loved ones over a hot cup of cocoa is right around the corner. So gear up, Hallmark's 'A Christmas Treasure' should be on your list of go-to Christmas movies!

The movie talks about the repercussions that take place after a 100-year-old time capsule is opened. When Lou meets a charming chef, she questions if she should make the move to New York after Christmas, to focus on her writing career. The Christmas special stars Jordin Sparks and Michael Xavier in the lead.



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When does 'A Christmas Treasure' release and where can you watch it? 

'A Christmas Treasure' releases on November 7, 2021, on Hallmark. 

What is 'A Christmas Treasure' all about?

The official synopsis reads: "Lou and Kyle met in the Pine Grove, they both have doubts about their future, but the magic of the holiday season and the connection they have, helps each of their journeys". 

Who stars in the Hallmark movie?

Michael Xavier as Kyle

Michael Xavier was born and raised in Canada and went on to attend Humber College, with an interest in building a career in the acting industry. Xavier had a minor role as Carnival Cop in the 2019 DC movie 'Shazam!'. He played the character Logan Jonsen on the TV series 'Bitten', and is also known for playing the lead in 'Deadly Inferno'. He was also a part of the 2017 cast of  'A Swingers Weekend' and portrayed Paul Simmons in the series 'Northern Rescue'. He also played Gary Pittman in 'Christmas Inheritance'.


Michael Xavier (IMDb)


The rest of the cast includes Jordin Sparks Thomas as Lou, and Wesley Salter as Del.


The writers of the movie are Judith Berg, Sandra Berg, and Jennifer Notas Shapiro, with Michael Robison as the director.



Watch the trailer of 'A Christmas Treasure' below



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