Who is Matt Johnson? Escapologist cheats death on 'AGT' stage, leaves fans shocked

Matt Johnson rose to fame with his near-death experience on the sets of 'Britain's Got Talent', which had judge Amanda Holden in shock

                            Who is Matt Johnson? Escapologist cheats death on 'AGT' stage, leaves fans shocked
Matt Johnson cheated death on 'America's Got Talent' (NBC)

Matt Johnson is a known name in the talent-entertainment circuit. He has pulled stunts that have left audiences on the edge of their seats. What we are trying to say is, what he did in this week's 'America's Got Talent' audition round was not surprising. 

Johnson is a renowned escapologist and is capable of doing a lot more than just chaining and freeing himself. With every act, he ups the bar to ensure that the 'danger acts' get better with time and continue to have the wow factor in them. 


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Who is Matt Johnson?

What Johnson does on stage, one can only imagine let alone perform. What helped his case was that he started young. "First tried escapes back when I was 19 years old as seen in this pic. Also back when I had hair," he wrote on Facebook in May. He is passionate about what he does, which explains why he proudly showed off his certificate of membership from the Global Escapology Organization on social media. He lives in Canada with his wife, and dog Yogi. 



Near-death experience on 'BGT'

Johnson rose to fame with his near-death experience on the sets of 'Britain's Got Talent'. He had the paramedics on stand by while judge Amanda Holden went into a shock. “Oh my God I really hate it, I hold my breath with you for the whole thing. I basically nearly passed out myself," she had said after he was able to free himself. 

Matt Johnson on 'America's Got Talent' (NBC)


This was three years ago. The 46-year-old had locked his head into a box that was filled to the brim with water. To intensify the challenge, he had his body bound in a metal jacket while he tried to pick locks to free himself. Before Johnson went about his business, he announced that the time limit would a minute and 45 seconds and that he could die performing the stunt. However, when he didn't come out of the box in said time, the audience grew worried. However, they breathed a sigh of relief when he was free in the next thirty seconds. 

'Not for me'

He almost repeated his deadly performance in the current season of 'America's Got Talent'. While it was thrilling to watch him do what he does best, some fans were left miffed. Unfortunately, Johnson's act didn't earn him the golden buzzer, which went to Jane Marczewski, but he achieved what he set out to do - have people gasp collectively while he freed himself from the shackles.

Matt Johnson pulls yet another dangerous act on 'America's Got Talent' (NBC)


"Anyone else cover their face watching this guy. Things like this I just can’t see the outcome until I hear cheering. Thank goodness he’s OK," one posted on the show's Facebook page, while another shared: "He is very brave, but this is too crazy, he puts his life in danger, he already had a bad accident, and it may happen again, i am worried about him, he should listen to his wife." A third wrote: "Too close to being a live suicide. It was dangerous but I am not interested in seeing possible blood especially when he said he drowned and hung himself in one act. It's a No from me."  

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