'America's Got Talent' Season 15: Jonathan Goodwin's 'insane' daredevil act sees him nearly plummet to death

Thankfully, he made it to his landing platform right at the last second after ziplining across fire and fans as well as judges were relieved it went without a hitch

                            'America's Got Talent' Season 15: Jonathan Goodwin's 'insane' daredevil act sees him nearly plummet to death
Jonathan Goodwin (NBC)

Determined to not be in the position to be cut from the competition again on the semifinals of 'America's Got Talent' Season 15, daredevil Jonathan Goodwin put himself in the most danger he's ever been in, conquering his fear of heights by riding a zipline across increasingly difficult stunts along the way. Naturally, this included a lock, some fire and one very nervous daredevil. Oh, and of course, he was handcuffed and dangling by his teeth.

The act, naturally, had fans on the edge of their seats. "I knew there would have to be fire involved for Jonathan's trick -- woah he's amped it up tenfold," shared one viewer, while another quipped, "I’d hate to be his dentist."



For some, the fear was too much. "Okay, Jonathan is triggering me right now. I'm gonna go," stated one viewer. Others expressed concern for Goodwin himself, tweeting, "Jonathan needs to stop doing dangerous stuff and just do calming reading." And others feared for the judges, who could barely watch as Jonathan nearly plummetted to his death. "Poor Sofia she’s soooo scared," stated one viewer.




A major reason daredevil acts have their audience's unwavering attention is because they could go wrong at any second. And that is often why many stay tuned. As one viewer shared, "Is it wrong I was hoping to see the danger act go badly?" And as another stated, "Thought for sure he was going to fall."



But fall, he did not. Goodwin made it across at the last second, cutting it so close that some wondered if he did, in fact, make it. "Oh s**t he fell right when he was on the platform," read one viewer's tweet. Another shared, "HE JUST BARELY MADE IT!!! I was on the edge of my couch!" One user said, "OMG he barely survived. He better get voted into the #AGT finals," and another stated, "Ok -- that was INSANE and Jonathan is through to the next round."









It appears the judges and audience all agree: Jonathan Goodwin deserves to go through to the finals. And given his promise to up the ante even more next time around, it'll be a shame if he doesn't make it.

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