Who is Korean Soul? 'America's Got Talent' fans miffed boy band is not from US: 'Rename the show'

'I thought AGT was for amateur professionals. They are recording artist,' one user commented

                            Who is Korean Soul? 'America's Got Talent' fans miffed boy band is not from US: 'Rename the show'
Korean Soul performed on 'America's Got Talent' Season 16 (NBC)

'America's Got Talent' Season 16 is turning out to be quite the entertainer. This season, the showrunners have invited contestants who are not good with tricks and toys but are downright performers. Beyond Belief Dance Company, UniCircle Flow, and Korean Soul proved that. 

Even though some of them didn't leave the stage with the golden buzzer, they made the most of the slot they were allotted on stage. Each of these performances, especially Korean Soul's audition was met with an auditorium filled with cheer and judges' approval.


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Who is Korean Soul?

The gospel quartet stars Sooyong Yoon, Shyun Lee, Jifan Lee and Young J. Together they performed K-Ci & JoJo's Billboard hit 'All My Life'. They're familiar with being on stage. Ahead of 'AGT' audition as the band performed 'Lord Lift Us Up Where We Belong' with BeBe Winans and his niece Deborah Joy Winans.  



Interestingly, music is not the only bit that draws them. They are huge foodies and they enjoy some downtime in the kitchen. In November 2020, 'Korean Soul' uploaded a food video on their YouTube channel and shared it on Facebook with a caption that read: "Korean Soul cooked SOUL FOOD! The first episode is Cooking Fried Chicken and Mac&Cheese." They requested their fans to comment on it with feedback. "Please comment below about what we did wrong or any kind of food you want us to cook next time."

Most of the fag end of 2020, when the world were coming to terms with dealing with the pandemic, the group kick-started their very own video series titled 'Walking Down with Korean Soul'. The limited series saw them walk the streets of cities across Korea as they did what they do best - sing.  

'Why so many non-Americans?'

Meanwhile, 'AGT' fans were miffed watching talent from 'another country' perform on the show. "I thought this was called America's Got Talent. But they should change it to World's Got Talent so everyone could be here in America from all over the world to compete," one commented on the show's Facebook page, while another shared: "Korean Soul did a recording with BeBe Winans entitled "Laughter Good Medicine." I thought AGT was for amateur professionals. They are recording artist."



A third wrote: "Why so many non- Americans on a show called America’s Got Talent? I mean no disrespect to the acts themselves, but maybe they should change the name of the show." A viewer echoed: "They need to change the name of the show because they let any country try out."

"You need to rename AGT, when you have people from other countries it is no longer America has talent. I love the talent but seriously rename the show," another pointed out.

Catch all the new episodes of 'America's Got Talent' Season 16 on NBC every Tuesday at 8/7c. For more information, check your local listings.

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