'America's Got Talent' Season 17: Fans disappointed with Waylon Napadogan's performance

'America's Got Talent' Season 17: Fans disappointed with Waylon Napadogan's performance
Waylon Napadogan in 'AGT' Season 17 (Instagram/waylonnapadogan)

Unfortunately, 'America's Got Talent' Season 17, Episode 2, saw the elimination of another contestant. While many performers made it to the next round of the NBC reality TV competition series, Waylon Napadogan couldn't make it to the next round. Napadogan failed to impress the judges Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, Howie Mandel, and Simon Cowell. 

Season 17 of 'America's Got Talent' got off to a rousing start. After listening to Ben Lapidus' captivating song about his passion for Parmesan cheese, Simon Cowell and the other judges were compelled to modify their judgment from a 'no' to a 'yes' on the audience's demand in the premiere episode. Despite the judges' reservations, the hilarious yet catchy song made an effect on the public, allowing Lapidus to advance to the next round. Napadogan, a Canadian musician, also aspired for the same level of success as Lapidus. He tried to impress the judges by singing an original song and playing the keyboard.


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Waylon Napadogan in 'AGT' Season 17 (NBC)

Despite Sofia's praise, Napadogan on the keyboard didn't fare any better with an original tune he "wrote from [his] brain." If 'AGT' is primarily searching for comic composers, Napadogan didn't work out. His most recent Instagram song is about how calling a child Gary would be "objectively hilarious." His performance was fairly bad, but the audience tried to start a "Parmesan" chant. Simon put a stop to that. He finishes up with zero "yesses," and his journey with 'AGT' ends here.

While some viewers were happy to see Napadogan take stage on 'AGT', a good number were disappointed. Waylon, who is quite popular on Instagram owing to his catchy songs, has about 18.2K followers. Naturally, fans were excited to see their favorite singer performer, despite the fact he couldn't advance in the competition. One such fan took it to Twitter, and wrote: "Great to see @WaylonNapadogan on #AGT tonight."


Others agreed with Sofia and called out the show for not letting Napadogan through. They took to social media to share their concern, as they wrote: "@WaylonNapadogan
@SofiaVergara got it right bro. #AGT blew it."


However, some fans seem to agree with the rest of the judging panel, as they didn't enjoy Napadogan's performance. One fan account wrote: "@WaylonNapadogan
was absolutely horrible! #AGT #AGTAuditions"


NBC's 'America's Got Talent' Season 17 airs on Tuesdays at 8 pm. Viewers without cable may watch the episode on any of the following streaming services: Hulu With Live TV, Sling TV, fuboTV, AT&T TV, or YouTube TV.
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