'America's Got Talent' Season 17: Fans find Zeno Sputafuoco's act equally 'scary and cool'

'America's Got Talent' Season 17: Fans find Zeno Sputafuoco's act equally 'scary and cool'
Zeno Sputafuoco in 'AGT' Season 17 (Twitter/AGT)

Zeno Sputafuoco is expected to be one of the most startling acts to appear on 'America's Got Talent' during Season 17. The Italian performer has previously participated in Got Talent programs, and his risky stunts terrified the judges.

Zeno has previously appeared on both 'Italia's Got Talent' and 'Got Talent Espaa' (the Spanish version of the show). Zeno reached last season's semifinals in Spain, when he performed a sequence of stunts you should never try at home. He began by inserting a pair of scissors up his nose, but that wasn't even the most bizarre part. Zeno then pushed a hook up his nose and into his neck, sticking out of his lips. He then hooked the hook to a weight, which he swung back and forth with his nose. Later, he repeated the technique, but instead of weight, he lifted a woman with his nose. This happened after he poured hot candle wax over his arms and used his mouth to extinguish the flame. Did we mention he didn't speak a single word during the performance? Previously, at his audition for the program, Zeno pressed his tongue against a moving fan blade and hauled judge Dani Martnez on a rolling cart using a hook-in-nose technique.


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He begins his performance on the 'AGT' stage with a strenuous act, similar to his acts on previous Got Talent programs. He inserts a gigantic spring up to his nose, only to have it come out of his mouth. This performance terrified not just the audience, but even the judges. For his next performance, he drags judges Sofia and Heidi onto the stage and makes them sit on a large trolley, which he then attempts to pull with a hook attached to his nose. As he succeeds, he leaves everyone appalled yet shocked.

After the performance, Howie confronts Zeno and asks if he could do the act even during allergy season. However, Zeno was silent, giving out a glaring look on his face. He had the same expression when Simon asked whether there are any other parts of the body where he will attach hooks while pulling items later in the competition. He then gives Zeno his "first yes" of the night because he enjoys a performance that expresses "disgusting originality." Sofia describes the performance as "scary" and "exciting," despite the fact that it has left her confused. She then says "yes" to the performance, and so do Heidi and Howie. As Heidi calls out people for critiquing the performance while secretly enjoying it, Howie expresses his feelings to be "disgusted but entertained." Like our judges, fans on social media were also torn about their feelings after the performance. One of them wrote on Twitter: "That was DISGUSTING, DISTURBING, DANGEROUS and I LOVED IT. Big ups to Zeno!!! #AGT"


One viewer noted that 'AGT' is the ideal platform for someone like Zeno, since being popular on social networking sites would be tough due to community standards violations. His tweet read: "Zeno was what this show was for. Where else are you gonna see some guy do this? ....okay yes Tik Tok probably but knowing them they'd take it down for "violating community guidelines" #AGT"


Fans found it funny as they witness Heidi and Sofia run off the stage in hurry after acting as a dummy in his performance. They wrote: "Omg Zeno is scary / but is performance is like wow cool act / the way Sofia & Heidi run off the stage #AGT"


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